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Trying To Fit In With A New Group… And Now You Can’t Deliver On A Promise You Made?

Cleaning up lies or mistakes can be tough enough with close friends. What if your new to a group and …

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Saying No To Your Partner In A Loving Way…

Its important to be able to set boundaries with your partner and say no… How do you do that in …

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Restitution… Is it Important Or Not?

When do you make amends and when is okay to let things go? With Cathy Vartuli from and Reid …

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A Friend Lets You Down… How Do You Handle Missed Promises?

Broken promises can be tough… How do you handle it when a friend doesn’t come through? With Cathy Vartuli from …

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Your Partner Asks You To Make A Change… Do You Try Or Honor Where You Are?

Self-expression and boundaries are great things to have. But if someone asks you to upgrade some behavior or skill, how …

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What’s A Respectful Way To End A Date And Close The Evening?

Wanting to end the connection for the evening in a loving and respectful way? Learn how with Cathy Vartuli from …

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