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How Can You Make Changing Your Sexual Identity Easier?

Discovering you like something different than you thought in bed can be exciting, but when it effects your identity, it can be really challenging. How can you support yourself through the process? With Cathy Vartuli from and Reid Mihalko from and Cathy: How do you support yourself when you're transforming your sexuality?  Reid: Into what?  Cathy: Into something new, whether you're leaving kink or entering kink or [...]

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If You Don’t Want To Have Sex With Your Partner… Should You?

Do you tell your partner if you're not in the mood to have sex?     Find out with Cathy Vartuli from and Reid Mihalko from Reid: Welcome back. Or if this is the first video that you are watching. Welcome for the first time. Cathy: We are talking about how you can talk to your partner about not wanting to have sex, and do it in [...]

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How Do You Play With A Bigger Person? How Do You Talk About It?

Is there a difference in being sexual with a bigger person? Can you talk about it? Find out with Cathy Vartuli from and Reid Mihalko from Cathy: So, what if you have never slept with a bigger person? And, you want to? How do you talk to them about what's going on and how to play with them?  Reid: I'm Reid Mihalko from  Cathy: I'm Cathy Vartuli [...]

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Ever Feel Pressured To Act How People Expect You To Act?

Its easy to feel obligated to meet people's expectations. How do you get around that so you can be self-expressed? With Cathy Vartuli from and Reid Mihalko from and Cathy: There's theories in sociology that I've actually ... I believe that are real because I've felt them, but we sometimes behave according to how we think other people think we should behave. Reid: What's that called? Cathy: [...]

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How Do I Know If My Partner Is Faking It?

How do you know if your partner had orgasm? We all have faked orgasm before, it's true, we do sometimes. What you want to start doing is start talking to each other about the kind of sex that you like. What gets you off, what doesn't get you off, when you're not having the sex. Join relationship expert Reid Mihalko from and Cathy Vartuli from and find out more about [...]

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How Much Does Body Image Effect Social Status

Does conventional beauty give you more status? With Cathy Vartuli from and Reid Mihalko from Reid: Where are we Cathy? Cathy: We are in New Mexico. Reid: Why are we in New Mexico? Cathy: We're driving to Albuquerque. Reid: New Mexico. Cathy: Yes. Reid: We're in the right state. Cathy: Yes. Reid: Excellent. That's a good sign. I'm Reid Mihalko, from Cathy: I'm Cathy Vartuli from [...]

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How Can I Receive Compliments Better?

Receiving compliments can be a challenge. How can you make it easier to accept compliments? A lot of people, especially women, are taught not to receive them very well. We're taught that if we say "Oh, thank you," that that will be kind of prideful or selfish - that we should not receive compliments. But it does hurt when you say something genuine to someone and they reject it. Join [...]

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When Does Taking Care Of Yourself Become Selfish or Hedonism?

Hedonism has gotten a bad slant, like people use the word to mean something negative. But looking for pleasure or happiness is not necessarily a bad thing. You need to be selfish in life - you actually need to take care of yourself first. Hear relationship expert Reid Mihalko from and Cathy Vartuli from talk about when does taking care of yourself drop into selfishness or hedonism. Cathy: Someone wrote in and asked, [...]

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Building Self-Esteem to Overcome Shyness

If you want to get out there and build more connections, make friends, find romantic partners, self-esteem and self-confidence are key. Join Reid Mihalko from and Cathy Vartuli from as they discuss powerful steps to building self-esteem! Cathy: Hi, everyone.  I'm Cathy Vartuli from Reid: I'm Reid Mihalko from  I was feeling a little not confident there. Cathy: Oh, so you're vamping a little bit. Reid: [...]

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The Cleavage Dilemma

Have you ever had someone stare at your cleavage? Or have you had trouble tearing your eyes away from someone's boobs? Join Reid Mihalko from and Cathy Vartuli from as they discuss The Cleavage Dilemma! Reid:  Hi, I'm Reid Mihalko from and this is Cathy Vartuli from  Today we're going to talk about cleavage. Cathy: [Laughs]. Reid:  Actually, I'm bringing the camera down because I want to show off [...]

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