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Sexual Preferences and Body Image

Do you ever find yourself being attracted to aspects of people that you think you shouldn't like? Or not being attracted to people you think you should like? Join Reid Mihalko from and Cathy Vartuli from as they discuss preferences, attraction, and image! Cathy: Today we're talking about body preference and body image.  A lot of people think that you have to like what's PC, and our bodies don't [...]

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Dealing with People Who Shame You About Body Image and Size

Cathy Vartuli from and Ashley Manta from talk about body image and how to deal with people who use shame to try to "fix" you. Cathy: Hey everyone we are talking about how we can interact with people who are trying to be helpful and giving us advice and suggestions on body image when really they are more shaming and less encouraging than we would like. I'm Cathy [...]

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Body Image and Sexuality

How you view and connect with your body can strongly effect how you express your sexuality (and whether you express it at all). Cathy Vartuli from and Ashley Manta from talk about body image and how you can improve yours to improve your sex life! Cathy: Hello, we’re talking about body image now and about how we view our body has an amazing impact on positive and negative [...]

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Trauma and Sexuality

Cathy Vartuli from and Ashley Manta from share how trauma can effect sexual self-expression, and what you can do to support yourself or others in healing and reclaiming your sexuality. Cathy: Hi everyone today we are talking about trauma and sexuality. A lot of people are traumatized. There is an estimated one in three females by the time that they are eighteen have had some type of sexual [...]

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Penis Size, Sexual Shame and Confidence

Are you concerned about your penis size? Or love someone who has concerns about their size? Join relationship expert Reid Mihalko from and Cathy Vartuli from as they discuss how penis size can effect people's sexual confidence, and share tips on how to be more confident. Cathy: Hey everyone, this is Cathy Vartuli from Reid: I'm Reid Mihalko from Cathy: Today we're talking about penis size. (Laughs) A lot [...]

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When You Fat Shame Yourself

When you fat shame yourself, you send a message to others that they aren't ok, either. Our culture teaches us to put ourselves down, but is that loving for ourselves or to the friends around us? Cathy Vartuli from and Ashley Manta from share. Cathy: Hi, everyone. Today, we're talking about fat shaming again and what happens when you start shaming yourself around other people. I'm Cathy Vartuli from [...]

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Feeling Guilty For Not Having It Together As An Educator/Coach and Feminist

If you're a feminist or an educator, you may want to be strong and solid about accepting yourself and being accepting. But we all have bad days. Do you ever feel bad about feeling bad?? Cathy Vartuli from and Ashley Manta from share. Cathy: Do you ever feel bad because you're feeling bad? Especially if you're a sex educator or feminist you think that ... you're out there [...]

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3 Ways To Be Authentically Sexier This Summer

Tired of Cosmo and surface changes that leave you feeling empty? Cathy Vartuli from and Ashley Manta from share how NOT to do it the Cosmo way, but rather how to create true sexiness and confidence this summer. Cathy: Hello everyone.  I'm Cathy Vartuli from and I'm here with Ashley Manta from We're talking about body image and three ways that you can help yourself feel [...]

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Does This Panel Make Me Look Fat: Body Image and Sexuality Live from CatalystCon East!

Size and body image can have profound and sometimes debilitating effects on a person's sexual self-esteem and self-expression. Internalized shame and feelings of inadequacy are often super-charged by the constant stream of external judgment, a barrage of media and marketing pressure (individuals are exposed to an estimated 300,000 negative images or comments about weight each year), and socially acceptable prejudice against those who don't conform. People of size can be [...]

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Reid’s Safer Sex Elevator Speech

Ever wonder how to have "The Talk" with your date? Discussing safer sex issues and concerns can bring a lot of ease to a new or an established connection, and sets the groundwork for talking about challenging things. Cathy: Have you ever wondered how to talk to someone about safer sex, STDs, or whether it's comfortable to go to bed with them? Reid: When it's time for the talk, do [...]

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