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What Do You Do About A Mini-Stalker?

How do you handle someone who is SOOO excited about you that they mini-stalk you? With Cathy Vartuli from and Reid Mihalko from Cathy: How do you deal with someone who mini-stalks you? This is Reid Mihalko from Reid: This is Cathy Vartuli from Cathy: We've all had times where people really enjoyed being with us or we've enjoyed being with them, but sometimes people don't [...]

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When Someone Says Really Mean Things… What Do You Do?

What to do when someone says something really mean to you? Examples with Cathy Vartuli from and Reid Mihalko from Reid: From the road. Reid Mihalko from Cathy: And Cathy Vartuli from Reid: Answering your questions to our videos. Cathy: In reply to our video on how to handle mean people, how to deal with them. Reid: Somebody left a really mean comment. Cathy: Yes. Reid: [...]

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Appreciation and How To Know What To Appreciate People For

How can appreciation light up your partner's world, and how can you know what to appreciate them for? The Appreciation Game. Cathy Vartuli from and Reid Mihalko from share. Reid: This just in. You know who you are. We won't say your name but you left this comment, "I never comment in these but I always watch and absolutely adore this channel." You'll be watching this video. We're [...]

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How To Use Gossip To Improve Your Relationships!

Can gossip really HELP your relationships and build community? Learn how...Cathy Vartuli from and Reid Mihalko from share. Reid: Do you enjoy gossip? Cathy: When can gossip actually be good for your community? Reid: I'm Reid Mihalko from Cathy: I'm Cathy Vartuli from Reid: This will be the only time we ever tell you to gossip, because gossip actually, while it's been studied and serves a [...]

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Your Partner Has Herpes…What Do You Do?

Finding out your partner has herpes can be challenging. What do you do? Cathy Vartuli from and Reid Mihalko from share. Reid: We're going to talk about herpes, yeah. I'm Reid Mihalko from Cathy: I'm Cathy Vartuli from Reid: What are we talking about today? Cathy: We're talking about herpes. I had someone write in, and he was concerned. He has herpes I, but he just [...]

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Can Argument Guidelines Make Your Fights “Better”?

Arguments can spiral out of control quickly... having agreements and signals ahead of time can make a huge difference. Letting your partner know what triggers you have and learning theirs, can help you resolve things lots faster! Cathy Vartuli from and Reid Mihalko from share. Here's the link to the Cool Down Styles article: Cathy: One of our viewers wrote in and said, I'm wondering if I'm weird. [...]

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Authenticity and Intimacy

Cathy Vartuli from talks about being authentic to create more intimacy. Most people want intimacy. They want connection and love…but they're not quite sure how to get that. I know. I struggled for years. I thought that if I could pretend enough, and act the way I thought I was supposed to enough, and try to guess what you wanted and be that, I'd finally get the intimacy. If [...]

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Cathy: We've a bunch of people writing in and sharing things with us at the bottom of our videos, and one of the questions lately was how do I get my partner to grow up and stop being childish, and I can really use this advice right now. Reid: Cathy, Cathy, Cathy, Cathy, Cathy, Cathy, Cathy, Cathy ... Cathy: Yes? Reid: Hi. Cathy: This is Reid Mihalko from Reid: This is Cathy Vartuli from [...]

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Charisma and Intimacy: Presence, Power and Warmth

Do you ever wish you had more charisma? Join Cathy Vartuli from as she shares tips and concepts. Do you ever wish you had more charisma? I used to think that charisma was something that a few special people that were usually very handsome or pretty were naturally born with. Lately, I've been studying charisma because I want to get my message out in the world and I want [...]

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How Saying No Can Create Connection

Can being able to say "no" actually create more intimacy? Join Cathy Vartuli from as she shares. Being able to say, "No," is one of the most important things to form the intimate connections there is. That seems counterintuitive to a lot of people. They want to be close, so why would they say, "No?" The truth is, if I don't have brakes on my car, I'm not going [...]

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