Mindful Touching

We can get lost in our heads... and when we're present and mindful, touch feels so amazing! Join Reid Mihalko from and Cathy Vartuli from to learn more. Reid: Touching with mindfulness and what was it? Cathy: I don't remember what I said. Reid: It was good though. Cathy: Yes. Reid: So touching mindfully is the topic for this video and Cathy Vartuli, why is it important to [...]

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Being Physically Intimate with Bigger People

We don't see people having sex with bigger people on TV, generally. There's a lot of internalized shame around sex and bigger people. Making it normal and ok and having great communication (which is important in ANY relationship) can make it lots more fun! Cathy: So if you're playing with someone who is bigger, there's not a lot of information out there on how to play with them? How to [...]

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Reigniting Passion in Your Relationships

Is your relationship growing stale? Are one or both of you shut down or disconnected? Cathy: Hey everyone. Do you want to revitalize your relationship? Reid: Do you want to reignite your passion? Cathy: It can be hard if you're feeling shut down. Reid: Yeah. Cathy: And once you're shut down, you tend not to communicate and I think a lot of people start looking elsewhere for connection. Reid: Uh-hum. [...]

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How Body Image Changes Romantic Connection

Have you found that body image (your view of your own body, your thoughts about what other people think, what they actually think about your body) gets in the way of connecting with people, especially romantically? We're all built differently, and when we stop critiquing ourselves, we may find that others aren't judging us as harshly as we thought! Want the inside scoop from Kelly Shibari from and [...]

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