Passionate About Sharing Sex Ed and Sex Positivity? Where Do You Start?

Passionate About Sharing Sex Ed and Sex Positivity? Where Do You Start?

Where do you begin when you are planning to start your own sex positive business?

With Cathy Vartuli from and Reid Mihalko from

Cathy:  If you’re starting out in business you could see that there’s so many things to do and especially if you’re only passion about getting sex ed and sex positive information out there. Where do you start?

Reid: Oh, my goodness! This is Cathy Vartuli from

Cathy: And this is Reid Mihalko from

Reid: And when I’m wearing a Sex Geek Summer Camp shirt, this is a business advice for sex educators, boom!

Cathy: And you can find out more at  so, it can feel intimidating when you’re starting out, there’s so many things, there’s so much different advice out there and where do you actually start?

Reid: I go to that’s all solved my problems. I get free videos and then it takes care of itself.

Cathy: They’re great, I highly recommend you watch them and the things is you’re forgetting different advice from people and it can felt really overwhelming. You might not actually start or you may not feel things or do things really well. So, when I’m working with clients I recommend that they start getting a website and emails service if you’re not gathering emails. I don’t consider the world business I know there are people who disagree with that but in general if you’re doing the online business you wanna get the email you can constantly talk to them. And I do Facebook and Twitter. And from there, that’s a baseline that you can start from there and then you can worry the place for payment and for products.

Reid: I liked that advice, I will go for my advice in front of your advice. First, have a conversation with other sex educators, interview a few of your heroes, what business is like for them, the mistakes that they’ve made and any starting out advice that they have. If you can take that person to dinner or something, understand that there time is not free. You may be in the position when you pay or nor pay them but be respectful and don’t take a lot of their time, they don’t’ really owe you anything and a lot of us are excited to help. Do a little research, ask some of your heroes, understand that you need to figure it out what business is gonna be so don’t copy and paste somebody else’s business because one your heroes are right spokes. You may not a book writer. Do that, also start asking yourself a question, do you wanna hassle for your own paycheck? Or do you want somebody else to cut you the check?

Cathy: Or do both, like I do.

Reid:  But your situation is difficult because you work in a different industry, so I’m talking about sex peers. So,

Cathy: That’s not true too. You can work for a corporation or business outside of sex ed for a part of new company.

Reid: That’s an option but you need to figure it out what you want to hassle for your own pay check as a sex educators or have somebody else cut you that pay check as a sex educator. Because not everybody is supposed to own their own business or not always gonna make them happy. And not everybody should be working for somebody else but there are of organizations and companies out there that needs sex educators to work for them. And your version of sex education may not really be about teaching people, how to use a condom but you run for a social media for the company and organization that teaches people how to use condoms. I can see other people who are working in the background still working in the sex education page. Those 2 things are the things that I considered doing first, the third good advice is gonna be literally and this is not even, I just think go to, sign up for the free videos and that would also put you on my list for just business advice in general. And then watch all the videos on YouTube channel that have a name in the green shirt. So that you can get just more and then interview some of your heroes. That would be my advice.

Cathy: And of the best piece of advice everyone can give you is keep it simple sweetheart. You don’t wanna go out with the dirty page blog and do a podcast, and do Facebook and Twitter and everything at all once because you’ll be overwhelmed.  Just start with a couple of things that really can meeting in path. And even one article can change someone’s life.

Reid: There you go, good luck! We’ll see you in the next video.


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