What If Your Husband Is Just Not Interested In Sex?

How do you deal when your husband doesn't want to have sex with you? With Cathy Vartuli from and Reid Mihalko from Cathy: One of our viewers wrote in and said, "My husband and I have had frank discussions about our lack of sexual relations for the past several years. His final answer is, ‘I'm just not interested.’ That took me by surprise and I don't know [...]

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How Do I Know If My Rules Are Reasonable In My Poly Relationship?

What is "reasonable" to ask for in a relationship? Find out with Cathy Vartuli from http://www.TheIntimacyDojo and Reid Mihalko and Cathy: Hi Reid and Cathy. I really need some advice and someone to tell me if the rule I have in my poly relationship is reasonable or not. My primary partner has started dating someone else for the first time in 6 years. I support her 100%. I have [...]

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Partner Not Wanting To Sleep With You: Part IV

What do you do if you realize that their desire is already gone? Find out with Cathy Vartuli from http://www.TheIntimacyDojo and Reid Mihalko and Cathy: You've done your thing, and your partner is still not wanting to sleep with you, not wanting to connect that way. What do you do? This is Reid Mihalko from Reid: Cathy Vartuli from What would you do? Cathy: I've worked with a lot [...]

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Your Partner Doesn’t Want To Sleep With You… What Do You Do?

What do you do if your partner isn't interested in having sex with you? With Cathy Vartuli from and Reid Mihalko from Reid: You got the memo, too. Purple shirt day. Cathy: What do you do when your partner doesn't want to sleep with you? Reid: I'm Reid Mihalko from Cathy: I'm Cathy Vartuli from  It can be a really challenging thing, and you just did a great call [...]

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Passive Aggressive Friends And What You Can Do About Them…

What should you do if your friend won't go directly to you to talk about issues and won't let you know what he wants and instead, he gets passive aggressive? With Cathy Vartuli from and Reid Mihalko from Cathy: What if you have a friend that you really care about who sometimes gets a little passive aggressive. Reid: Whatever.. Cathy: And not so suddenly pulls you down. Reid: Way to go. [...]

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What Is Gender Queer?

And what about pronouns? With Cathy Vartuli from, Andi Cortland from Cathy: What is genderqueer? I'm Catherine Vartuli from I'm really honored to be joined today by Andi Cortland.  Andi: From Today, we're talking about genderqueer. For me, that means that I don't feel like a man. I don't feel like a woman. I just feel like a human. It would be pretty awesome if people [...]

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Do You End Up Being Friends With People You’re Interested In Romantically? Here’s Help!

Cathy: Some people end up being friends with everyone they're interested with romantically. It doesn't ever quite transition to romantic. They end up being buddies. That can be really frustrating. Reid: The friend zone. Cathy: Yes. It can be very frustrating.  What would you do, Reid Mihalko, from Reid: I don't know, Cathy Vartuli from What would I do? What a weird segue. Being stuck in the friend zone. [...]

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How Women Can Talk About STIs and Testing

How can women talk about STIs and getting Tested? Kate McCombs from, Ashley Manta from and Cathy Vartuli from share tips and their experiences. Cathy: Hey, everyone. We're talking about STDs and getting tested. We know that as women, there's a lot of stigma around that. We'd like to discuss our views and share different ways to make it more comfortable. Would you like to introduce us? [...]

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Considering Opening Up Your Relationship? How Do You Talk To Your Partner?

Want to talk to your partner about opening up your relationship? How do you bring up the subject? Join relationship expert Reid Mihalko from and Cathy Vartuli from as they share ideas and resources for talking about polyamory and open relationships. Cathy: Have you been thinking about opening up your relationship? Are you terrified of speaking to your partner about it? You’re not sure what they’re going to [...]

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Talking To Your Partner About Lack Of Desire Can Be Challenging… How Do You Do It?

Do you owe your partner sex? What if you promised? Find out with Cathy Vartuli from and Reid Mihalko from Cathy: How do you tell your partner in a way that's loving and caring that you're just not in the mood? Reid: This is Cathy Vartuli from Cathy: And Reid Mihalco from Reid: How do you do it? What's your advice? Cathy: One, I have to [...]

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