Approaching Your Partner About Anal Play

Cathy: Hi.  Have you ever wondered how to approach your partner about anal play? Reid: Whoa.  Man, easy.  Take it easy there. Cathy: Did you know there were 8,000 nerve endings in the anus? Reid: Whoa.  No wonder.  There's a cat walking around here. Cathy: Do you want to restart it? Reid: No.  That's life. Cathy: It's life. Reid: It's real.  Back to anal play.  Yikes. Cathy: How do you [...]

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How Can You Tease and Build Anticipation?

Would you like to be better at teasing and building anticipation? It can make everything from flirting to marketing more fun! Reid Mihalko from and Cathy Vartuli from share. Cathy:  Would you like to be better at teasing and building anticipation? Reid:  Hm? What? Yes. Yes! I want to be better at that. Cathy:  This is Reid Mihalko from Reid:  And this is Cathy Vartuli from Cathy:  [...]

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Using Presence and Focus To “Listen To The Room”

Listening To The Room", hearing what the group or audience wants, how they're responding and how connected they are, can make an event go smoothly and easily, leaving enthusiastic and educated attendees! Reid Mihalko from and Cathy Vartuli from share how to Listen To A Room! Cathy:  Have you ever wanted to listen to a room? It could be really useful when you're leading a workshop or just hanging [...]

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Finding Ways To Flirt When You’re Shy

Flirting can be fun and playful...but if you're shy, it can feel impossible! Reid Mihalko from and Cathy Vartuli from share how to flirt when you're shy! Cathy: We've done a video on flirting before but I've noticed that ... Reid: No we didn't. Cathy: Yes we did. Reid: No we didn't. Oh I touched your boob. Cathy: My problem is I get very shy when I'm flirting with someone I actually [...]

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Dealing with Arousal: Enjoying Being Turned On

Arousal can be uncomfortable and embarrassing. Most of us haven't been taught to enjoy it, or how to deal with it. Join Reid Mihalko from and Cathy Vartuli from as they discuss enjoying arousal. Cathy: Hi everyone. I'm Cathy Vartuli from This is Reid Mihalko from Reid: What are we talking about today? Cathy: We're talking about arousal and dealing with it. A lot of us are afraid [...]

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5 Break Up Tips: Making Breaking Up Easier To Do

How can you make breaking up easier? How can you support yourself through the process? Join Reid Mihalko from and Cathy Vartuli from as they discuss making breaking up easier! Cathy: Hi, everyone. Breakups are pretty hard. What are five ways you can make breakups easier on yourself? Reid: Tune in now. We will tell you as we pull the answers out of our butts. I'm Reid Mihalko from [...]

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I Want To Have A Threesome…What Do I Do?

Cathy: We had someone ask us- you're such a goof-ball. We had someone ask us, "Who do I or who to approach for a threesome and how to talk to them about it?" I know someone who runs a class on that. I thought we'd ask you. Reid: Yeah, just approach me. Next question. Cathy: How do you identify people that might be good for a threesome, and how do you invite them [...]

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Break Up Tips To Make Things Easier For Your Ex

You cared enough to date them. How can you make things easier for your ex during and after a break up? Join Reid Mihalko from and Cathy Vartuli from as they discuss making breaking up easier! Cathy: How can you make breakups easier for your ex? Reid: How can you make breakups easier? Cathy: Usually it's someone you cared about enough at least to be in a relationship with.  So, [...]

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Sexual Preferences and Body Image

Do you ever find yourself being attracted to aspects of people that you think you shouldn't like? Or not being attracted to people you think you should like? Join Reid Mihalko from and Cathy Vartuli from as they discuss preferences, attraction, and image! Cathy: Today we're talking about body preference and body image.  A lot of people think that you have to like what's PC, and our bodies don't [...]

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Expectations and Agreements

Where do expectations get in the way, and how are they helpful? When do you want agreements and when are they too much work? Cathy: Hi everyone, I'm Cathy Vartuli from the and I want to talk today about expectations versus agreements. Most of us are really good with expectations, we have them all the time. We were brought up in a certain culture, a certain set of social [...]

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