Question: I Heard That Anal Sex Is Bad For You…

Some say that the anus is not meant for receiving penetration and that having anal sex would lead to incontinence were you wouldn't be able to refrain from pulling yourself. Is that true? Hear what relationship expert Reid Mihalko from and Cathy Vartuli from have to say about anal sex. Cathy: One of our viewers wrote in and said that as a pre-med student in medical science field that they had been [...]

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Tried Something New and Hated It?? Your Partner Wants To Do It Again?!

What do you do if you tried something with your partner, and you didn't enjoy it at all. You also don't have the desire to do it again, and your partner won't let it go.  Something like this might happen in the bedroom or in the relationship in general. Hear what relationship expert Reid Mihalko from and Cathy Vartuli from have to say about that. Cathy: What do you do if you tried [...]

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Trouble Orgasming

Cathy: A lot of women have trouble orgasming. Reid: What? That explains everything. Cathy: They may not be able to orgasm with a partner or by themselves or they may just be, it may take them a long time or it might be a struggle for them. Reid: I just thought it was me. Cathy: It is you sweetie. Reid: It's me, so me, if anyone can orgasm around me is a miracle. I'm Reid [...]

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Doing Things in Bed That You Don’t Want to Do

Cathy: We had someone write in to us and say that their partner is wanting them to try things in bed that they don't really know they want to try. They're not really sure and ... Reid: Like eating cookies in bed? Cathy: Yeah. I'm sure that was it. Reid: That's crummy. Cathy: Oh my god. Reid: I'm Reid Mihalko from Cathy: I am Cathy Vartuli from  and I am so [...]

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How Do I Know When She’s Come

Cathy: How do you know when she has an orgasm, so you know when to stop? Someone wrote in asking about that and I love that the person wants to know more. There is a lot of pressure I think in our society to know when the person had an orgasm or not. Reid: Our society is very orgasm-centric. Cathy: You supposed to do the orgasm then you're done. Reid: Yeah, because now we [...]

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Digging Deeping In Your Relationship

Cathy: Have you found that your relationship might be a little stagnant? Or that you're not growing as fast as you would like? Reid: What? I thought everything was fine. What are you telling me? Cathy: Actually, digging into some of the deeper stuff in your relationship, having the conversations that you don't normally have, can help you both grow. It can also deepen your relationship. Reid: That sounds scary. Cathy: It is, sometimes. [...]

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Does He Love Me

Cathy: Does he love me? How can I tell? Someone wrote in and asked us that question the other day. It's a great question. And this is Reid Mihalko from and I'm Cathy Vartuli from and apparently, we've killed him, so I'll just do this talk without him. Reid: Oh, let me count the ways. How do you tell? Have you asked? Cathy: Yeah, talking about it can ... Reid: Excuse [...]

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Cathy on Tuning

Reid: Hi this is Reid Mihalko from Cathy: Cathy Vartuli from Reid: You use this phrase "tuning" to somebody. Please explain for our viewers. Your esoteric languaging. Cathy: Yes, OK. Well, there's two levels you can do that at: 1) you can communicate with your partner and understand what ... you have them explain verbally what they would like to do. Reid: Mm-hmm. Cathy: What turns them on, what stimulates them. And so you [...]

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Cheated On In Relationship

Cathy: What do you do when your partner cheats on you? Reid: I get angry, that's what I do.  Cathy: Thank you. That was so helpful Reid Mihalko from Reid: Awesome. You're welcome Cathy Vartuli from Cathy: It can be really devastating to be cheated on. There's a trust that's been broken. Cheating and having open-relationships are different things. Cheating implies that there was an agreement that this wouldn't happen or a [...]

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Being Attracted To Unavailable and Distant People

Cathy: Do you ever find that you're getting attracted, you find yourself attracted to people that are distant or emotionally unavailable? That can be a pattern that some people can fond to. And if you can just hit them upside the head it would make you feel better. Reid: Yeah, just do that. Next video please. Cathy: This is Reid Mihalko from Reid: Cathy Vartuli from Cathy: Reid, what can someone do [...]

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