Saying No

Saying No To Your Partner In A Loving Way…

Its important to be able to set boundaries with your partner and say no... How do you do that in a way that leaves them cared about? With Cathy Vartuli from and Reid Mihalko from Cathy: We had people writing in. We discussed how you set boundaries when that’s what you need in your relationship. And what if your partner does or doesn’t want to, like, do [...]

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How Saying No Can Create Connection

Can being able to say "no" actually create more intimacy? Join Cathy Vartuli from as she shares. Being able to say, "No," is one of the most important things to form the intimate connections there is. That seems counterintuitive to a lot of people. They want to be close, so why would they say, "No?" The truth is, if I don't have brakes on my car, I'm not going [...]

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