What To Know How To Get Sponsors For Your Heart Centered Business?

What To Know How To Get Sponsors For Your Heart Centered Business?

Learn the 411 of getting sponsors and leaving them feel super happy!

Find out with Cathy Vartuli from http://www.TheIntimacyDojo.com and Reid Mihalko from http://www.ReidAboutSex.com.

Cathy: It’s recording. Have you ever wondered how to get sponsors?

Reid: I have. Hi! This is Reid Mihalko from http://www.ReidAboutSex.com, the creator of Sex Geek Summer Camp and when I’m wearing the camp shirt, it’s business advise with Cathy Vartuli from the Intimacy Dojo.

Cathy: I asked Reid to sit down and talk a little bit about his running Sponsorship 411 Day.

Reid: What’s that, Cathy?

Cathy: It’s a day of working how to interact to sponsors, how to connect with them, how to interact with them, how to make sure they get what they need so they feel like they’re worthy so that you win.

Reid: Yup. If you’re interested, if you run workshops or events or you have blog or you do tours and things like that and you want to figure out how to invite companies and businesses to help sponsor your projects, this is going to be Sponsorship 411. We’ll give you the 411 on how to work with [inaudible 00:00:57] with my opinion and some geeky opinions of other mentors that I have and that Cathy has around the business of trying to acquire sponsorship and give extraordinary customer service to them so they want to sponsor you over and over again.

Cathy: It’s all going to be tuned for sex geeks so people that do sex education or sex positive relationship work so it’ll be all pre-filtered and inclusive and a lot. You have a special guest? Which one special guest that I know of?

Reid: Is that you?

Cathy: No, well, I’ll be there.

Reid: Is it Daniel? It’s Daniel from Trust Intimacy Massage Oil. We love him.

Cathy: He’s amazing.

Reid: We love his massage oil.

Cathy: He gave such a great talk at camp at Sex Geek Summer Camp about sponsorship and integrity and what to look for. Not just like, they have this plenty products and they have this much money. It’s like what is their brand? What is their mission? Can you feel safe with them? Can they feel safe with you?

Reid: Yup. If you want to figure out how to be more professional for professionals, if you want to get over some of your fear of companies and speaking to people who run companies, if you want to learn the ins and outs, no pun intended for our sex educator friends, the ins and outs of how to approach companies, how to invite them, how to help them see what you’re doing and for what you’re doing to make sense and for you to figure out when a company might be a good fit for your projects and when they might not be so you don’t waste your time or their time then Sponsorship 411 might be for you.

Cathy: It’s going to be, you can attend it live if you’re near or in San Jose on November 21st or you can attend it virtually or get recording afterwards. Can you give one quick tip about sponsorship, something that you think that they would like to know?

Reid: The big tip I think is about clarity and you putting in the work to figure out how your invitation is going to add value to their business with their products, with their fan-base. The idea of just asking for money or asking for product is really just you kind of sitting on the street with cup and a cardboard email that you just like, “Hey! Give me money.” Lean into that you’re all educators and educate the companies and the people that you’re working with because you’re building relationships with individual people inside these companies. Educate them on why sponsoring your project might be really good and beneficial with their company which means you have to do the work to figure out why you’re actually asking them at all.

Cathy: I was thinking that was so hard when I hear him talking about it. I was like, “Oh! That’s a really lot of work. That’s really hard.” Actually, once I saw him do that a couple of times I’m like, “Oh! Oh! It’s not that hard.” It’s actually just looking for the bend diagram in a certain way and once you’ve seen a couple examples which we’ll give at camp at the 411 day, it’s like the light bulb was off so you just start seeing opportunities everywhere.

Reid: It’s really about figuring out how to be … A particular way of thinking about sponsorship and if it doesn’t work for you, my way of approaching doesn’t work for you then just chuck it or grab the stuff that does work and run with it but the idea of 411 day is to actually teach you the context for how to approach, thinking about sponsorships and then some strategies and tips and tools for you to make it easier. And then that, for me, that change everything. I mean, Sex Geek Summer Camp isn’t possible without sponsors helping me financially with camp.

Cathy: They’re like generous and give oils and toys and the campers are just delighted. They get to experience all these cool things.

Reid: I had to design camp to also be a great fit for sponsorships because the sponsorship part of camp is part of the business model of camp. Without sponsorships, camp actually physically can’t exist because it’s so low budget for attendees so the way to make camp financially sustainable is through sponsorship models and maybe for your projects or for some other things that you’re doing or maybe even just to augment the reach and the professionalism of what you’re doing, sponsorships might be for you.

Cathy: They can build so much credibility and help people get to know you. If you want it, we got some really cool people that are to level of looking for sponsors and building up some really cool network connections or learn some cool stuff, show up for our Sponsorship 411 Day whether you show up virtually or in person. The link is below. Let us know what you think. Good job.


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