Romance Orientation: Do’s and Don’ts Connection Party, September 15th

Small changes can make delightful and powerful changes to your relationships, romantic or otherwise.

Join us for proven and practical ways to deepen your connection or initiate connection and bring new warmth to your life!

Includes mind/body and tantra techniques as well as practical steps you can take with your loved ones right now.

  • Are you tired of feeling like the warm, loving feeling of connection is random and rarely available?
  • Of only falling into connection once in awhile, by accident?
  • Wish there were more reliable ways to meet people than being trapped together at work, or on an airplane?
  • Have you ever stayed with someone who’s not a great fit for a friend or romantic relationship, but you hang on because at least there’s some connection?
  • When connection doesn’t happen, do you feel alone, lost, and rather isolated? Might you even think there’s something wrong with you?

What if you had the skills to create connection consciously…
on purpose?                               

It’s easier than you think!

Join us for a 2 hour gathering starting with a potluck. Then we’ll guide you through skills and exercises that will help you open up and relate to people in new ways. Get over your anxiety of breaking the ice, and practice integrating those skills with others who are learning and enhancing their skill sets and expanding their social networks, too. Meet people in a playful, low pressure environment.

Where and When? Saturday, September 15th at 7:30- 9:30pm in Richardson.

Who Can Attend? Open to anyone 18 or older who wants to learn how to connect more easily with others, in a fun, friendly atmosphere. (It really can be fun to make friends and romantic connections!)

What is a Connection Party?

We start with a potluck. Bring something  yummy to share! (Bring your own drinks. No alcohol, no drugs)

Once everyone has munched, starting at 8pm, we’ll guide you through some exercises that will help you feel safe and confident meeting people, and that will allow you to connect more authentically and easily.

At 9:30, we’ll wrap things up and send you on your way, with some new friends, and new confidence!

What does it Cost? This is a Love Offering Class. Space is limited, RSVP if possible. Please tell your friends! To RSVP, or if you have questions, email:

Leave with new friends and new confidence!