Promoting a Positive Body Image

It’s sad when others don’t see our worth due to beliefs about beauty, infinitely more sad when we don’t see our own!

See talks by some well known speakers on Beautism and Sexuality

Elle Chase’s Curvy Girl Sex

Well Being Alignment

This site basically offers tips on spiritual and energy healing and steps to help you learn to love yourself.  It’s more of a new age approach to increasing your self-acceptance and self-esteem.

Love Your Body Now Foundation

Organizes a day where women celebrate their bodies and work on improving self-image.   It’s great because it promotes self-love and greater confidence.  It’s been ongoing for 15 years now, I think.  The message is fantastic.

Operation Beautiful

This is their mission statement and I love it:

The mission of Operation Beautiful is to post anonymous notes in public places for other people to find. The point is that WE ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL. You are enough… just the way you are!

They invite people who follow their site to take pictures of the notes they have posted and they put the pictures on their website. 

Sex Love Liberation

I absolutely LOVE the message of this site.  It talks about reflecting on the amazingness of your body and the way that it functions—appreciating how amazing you are and how irrelevant our fixation with body “perfection” is.  It is a great site.  Not very flashy, but great content.

Embrace Healthy Curves

This is a young girls blog.  She mainly posts pictures, but I admire her attitude.

Obesity Myths

This addresses from a medical perspective the myth that you can’t be overweight AND healthy.  It shows that you can be both and have a lowered risk for disease.   It provides good citations for the information.

Body Bliss Central

This site is an absolute WEALTH of information on loving yourself just the way you are!  It is fun and has a great vibe.  It’s very positive and provides links for a lot of other similar sites with different spins.  I really enjoyed looking at it.  It was really easy to navigate.

Luvin My Curves

This is a blog about a larger woman who is really into fashion.  It’s about wearing things that look good and fit well.  How dressing affects your self-image and looking good at any size.  It’s just kind of a fun site.

Fat Chicks Rule

I picked this one almost for the name alone!  It’s not a flashy site but the woman who blogs it is a really good writer and FUNNY.  She writes about the challenges of perceptions and the difficulty of being a bigger woman in a world that caters to the much smaller.  A good read.

Healthy At Every Size

Love the information in this book!  It’s called “Healthy at Every Size” and it discusses just that.  The fact that you can be the healthiest person you can be no matter what your weight/size.  It uses a good, common-sense approach that everyone can follow.

Healthy At Every Size Community

This is the support community for Healthy at Every Size.  It includes a discussion area.  It also includes the pledge in finding health at every size and discovering the joy in moving your body. 

Fat Girls Guide to Living

It’s kind of a discount and freebie site wrapped in with size-conscious advice for people who may be struggling with their size and self-esteem, to guide them toward becoming more comfortable in their skin.  It includes handling situations that might be difficult if you are struggling with your self-acceptance. 

Body Positive

This is a slightly odd-looking page when you first go to it, but if you can get past the garish yellow color, the content is actually quite good and it covers a broad spectrum of topics.  It is about helping to boost your self-esteem and being treated well–just as you are.  But it also covers issues that larger people encounter such as finding respectful medical care where you can be treated as a person instead of a “weight problem.”  It advocates being healthy at any weight and loving the body that you have.

Big Fat Deal

This page is called Big Fat Deal and it posits that “Fat is not a four-letter word.”  It’s a good blog with a lot of good stories and information.  It deals with self-acceptance and does not promote trying to change yourself physically, just the way you think about yourself.

The Rotund

This page is hilarious but does contain some profanity.  The writer really speaks her mind and has very definite opinions and does not hesitate to let them be known.   But she is also smart, witty, and an excellent writer.  I truly enjoy reading her page.

How to Love and Accept Yourself

A good article about how to let go of things that you don’t like about yourself and accept who you are—all of you.  And then how to be okay with it. It speaks to the inherent right of all people to be who they are and that you have value as a person. 

Stop Hating Your Body

This blog is about loving and accepting yourself no matter what—skin color, freckles, size, etc.  It is not exclusively about weight issues.  The message here is that different is beautiful and diversity is a good thing.  I like the page a lot because there is a lot of stereotyping out there and these blog posts are sensitive and well thought-out.

What’s Wrong With Fat Shaming

This is just a great article.  It is about a Strong4Life campaign that had been launched in Georgia that used actual overweight children in their posters.  It was truly horrifying.  It discusses how shaming is not a catalyst for change and often results in the opposite of the desired effect.  It points out so many of the social and cultural stigmas that are prevalent today. 

 Body Love Wellness

This blog is wonderful for all those people who not only have tried everything but have not given up on themselves and their body image.  She helps people feel comfortable in their skin and address ways to help them feel even better about themselves.  Golda’s mission statement says it all “I work with plus sized women who are sick of being told that their goal in life should be losing weight, and want to heal their relationships with food and their bodies.”

Love Your Body Now

Packed with information that will make your head spin about not giving a hoot what you look like, but loving who you are is what this blog is about.  They not only help women feel less routine objectification and sexualization, but they help us understand that we are beautiful even if we do not look like the movie stars, women in music videos, and models of today.

Sex Geekdom

Kate the owner of this website sums it up very well with this “Sex Geekdom’s mission is to create community for sex geeks, both online and in-person. I created Sex Geekdom because I feel happier, more productive, and connected when I regularly interact with other people who are passionate about sexuality, sexual health, and making the world a more sex-positive place.”

The Body Project

Bradley is one of the few Universitys that embraces todays society knowing that all women are not created equal when it comes to body image.  This fabulous website like the others listed helps its students realize that no matter what You are beautiful in whatever shape and size you come in.  It offers plenty of information on every topic that would help women realize this as well.

Virgie Tovar

I love this blog because it comes from a very different point of view on body image, yet still hits the same points.  Virgie not only shares her thoughts on body image, but even tells her stories of when she did try fitting into the stereotypical body image.  Good for her for deciding to love herself regardless.


Safe Sex (NSFW – Not Safe For Work)

Smut for Smarties

Lady Cheeky takes sex blogging to the next level.  Not only does she cover body image, and sex toys, she has no trouble with talking about STD’s to make sure we are all knowledgeable.  But don’t be fooled this isn’t your typical blogger, Lady Cheeky tells it how it is.

Make Love Not Porn

Unlike your typical porn site with small big breasted woman, this site takes things back to where it belongs…the real world.  This is not only a site where you see average people coming together, but it allows you to submit your own videos is the urge should arise.

Blasian Bytch

This blog is written by a beautiful BBW who is not afraid to let the world know that she like other women know what they want when it comes to the sex, toy and more.  Celebrate with her in learning about her world.

Lady Cheeky

Lady Cheeky has struck again.  This time depicting images of women and men in all shapes and sizes in intimate positions.  This is DEFINITELY not for looking at while at work!