Got Feedback?
You Can Submit It Anonymously!

Young woman whispering secret to her shocked friend at homeWe really want to know what you think… The good news, the bad, and anywhere in between.

Because sharing tough things can be challenging sometimes, we created an anonymous and safe way to share with us whatever you noticed, felt and experienced.

(And, don’t get us wrong, we would love to hear the great stuff, too!)

Google Forms is a service that allows people to submit feedback anonymously. It will not ask for your name or email. And Google won’t track your IP address, which is one of the main reasons we choose to use it.

In the link below, we invite you to share whatever feedback you’d like to get to us!

If you DO want us to follow up with you, please include a name and email, or else we won’t have any way of contacting you. Remember, it’s automatically anonymous unless you include contact info.

Feedback Form


Portrait of two young woman of color whispering to her friend outsideThank you for taking the time to share with us!

We value safety and¬†consent and know that there are always ways we can be upgrading and improving. And we couldn’t do it without your input!

We will consider all suggestions thoughtfully. Thank you again for taking the time to help us celebrate, reconsider, re-evaluate and see where we went wrong.