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If you want a thoughtful and compassionate take on anything having to do with…

  • Body Image & Body Confidence (helping people have more confidence and adventure no matter what their size, age, ability etc)
  • Trauma Release (how being in their bodies and releasing old thought patterns and beliefs can give people more freedom and passion)
  • Overcoming the Shy and Awkward (Flirting, dating, having sex and amazing relationships without trying to be someone you’re not).
  • Body Presence ( connecting with your body so you can connect with others).
  • Emotional Freedom Tapping
  • Sex-Positive Business & Marketing

Cathy Vartuli is a PhD Engineer, best selling author, and a sex-positive Emotional Freedom Coach who has taught internationally on relationships, communication and body image. She helps the shy and awkward leverage their individual unique strengths to flirt, date, enjoy sex, and have powerful relationships.


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