Cathy And Jen Are Having Fun Answering Student’s Questions From Anonymous Question Box!

Jen: Okay. It’s Jen Devine or J.D from and today I have a bunch of random questions from my anonymous question box that

Cathy: Questions came out from the box

Jen: came from different kids.

Cathy: that’s very cool.

Jen: This is actually not the box but I….this is my box that it says “Save Funny” because some of them are hilarious but to the kids it’s probably not hilarious questions

Cathy: It’s very serious

Jen: actually even when there’s like a joke question I always assume there’s a real question behind the question like “what it’s the biggest penis in the world?” It’s

Cathy: Oh, I want to know the answer to that.

Jen: It’s ten feet long. It’s on the Blue Whale

Cathy: Oh.

Jen: and but really that question for a kid is probably is my penis normal?

Cathy: Yeah.

Jen: What’s a size that is acceptable like and so the way I would answer that for a kid it would be like you know everybody gets the penis that fits them and they come in lots of different sizes and most people they’re somewhere on the average in the middle and I’m not going to give numbers usually ‘coz I don’t want folks to feel like they’re above or below average even though

Cathy: Oh, oh or oh yeah.

Jen: those are all normal all normal. There’s nothing that’s not normal but yeah I just want people to hopefully they like it. They know how it works and

Cathy: And fit how to use it. It doesn’t matter

Jen: know how to use it and what it can do.

Cathy: that much about the size.

Jen: Right. Exactly. So, here’s a fun question “can you put a fist in your girl’s vaginas opening because I was talking to someone and they said yes.” So yeah.

Cathy: It’s very

Jen: So the question is pretty great. I love the handwriting and yeah it is possible to put a fist in a vagina

Cathy: Babies come out.

Jen: Yeah. Bigger things come out of vaginas than that and….and there are some probably some great techniques to learn how to do that that involve communication and using lubrication also and not just going like thinking in your brain that a hand goes into a vagina like boom. No, it’s more like a slow communicative process for most people to let a fist go into a vagina.

Cathy: And it should

Jen: So, yeah. Of course.

Cathy: be done which feels good to both people.

Jen: Absolutely. Of course in that case people would always have consent and permission for that behavior to happen.

Cathy: Yeah. I love it do you have another one question?

Jen: Yeah. About……oh, here’s a sweet one. “Is it bad not to get boobs when all your friends do?”

Cathy: Oh.

Jen: Well, you know? It’s not bad or good. Boobs just come along when they do and everybody goes through changes with their bodies at their own time. So, I think it’s more important to be like “yeah. Some people get boobs at a young age. Some people get never really get boobs.” And also did you know some boys also get boobs and that’s also totally neat because anybody can grow breasts. So it’s not bad or good but I bet people have feelings that

Cathy: Yeah

Jen: they might be bad or good about their body parts as they grow and change. So letting people know if you’re having bad feelings you find somebody awesome you can talk to you about that.

Cathy: I love that. Yeah.

Jen: But know that your body is awesome and when it does its changes, it’s awesome and then you get to talk about how you feel about that. Right? Some people want to stay kids forever.

Cathy: Yeah

Jen: Some people are like “sweet boobs!

Cathy: Yeah

Jen: This is awesome” and some be like “no, boobs. I’m a guy, why am I getting boobs?” Or “I’m transgender guy. What the heck? I don’t want these boobs.”

Cathy: Well I think it’s

Jen: There’s lots of ways boobs can be like

Cathy: well I always….I always wanted curly hair

Jen: [Inaudible 00:03:19]

Cathy: when I was little and my you know my friends with

Jen: Yeah.

Cathy: curly hair wanted straight. I always had bigger boobs and my friends that had like really flat-chested I was envious of the clothes they can wear like I think that we all have feelings about

Jen: Yeah.

Cathy: it. So we want to do one more on this.

Jen: Okay. Let’s see. Oh, yeah.

Cathy: Oh.

Jen: “If someone had an egg come out of their underwear and then you got sperm on their underwear can you get it underwear baby?” No, they can’t get an underwear baby because first of all an egg when somebody’s having a period and their egg is coming out it actually dissolves in the uterus which is ups inside the body. So, it….egg dissolves and then about 12 days later the period comes. So you’d never actually find an egg in the period so there’ll never actually be a chance for an egg will be like boom in the underwear and even if even if you put an egg in underwear like let’s say you went to an egg bank and got an egg

Cathy: Egg it wouldn’t live.

Jen: From a woman and you put it in underwear and then you put some sperm with it, there would be no way to grow baby there

Cathy: Yes

Jen: because you need a uterus and you’ve got to put the egg in the sperm that fertilized into the uterus to make it happen. So, underwear baby is completely impossible. Not happening

Cathy: Yeah. That may relieve some people

Jen: Don’t worry about underwear babies

Cathy: That may relieve some people’s concerns.

Jen: Yeah. But I think sometimes people do worry about like semen or

Cathy: Yeah.

Jen: the wetness that comes out of a penis

Cathy: And that can

Jen: could let go like it beyond underwear and then like get up in the vagina that could happen.

Cathy: Yeah.

Jen: That could happen so

Cathy: Underwear is not a good barrier.

Jen: Underwear is not a good protective barrier. So people if they do get like semen in or around the vagina then there’s possible risk for like STD transmission or….or pregnancy things. So that’s good to know.

Cathy: Yeah. Thanks so much. These are fun maybe we come back and do a few more.

Jen: Yeah.

Cathy: So let us know what questions you have, any thoughts or comments. We’d love to hear.