Cathy Vartuli and Jen Devine Answered Some Sex-Related Questions from Students!

Cathy: I’m here with J.D Jen Devine from and I’m Cathy Vartuli from and we’re here with the super box of…of fun questions that Jen has gotten from different…..different students and they’re…..they’re beautiful, they’re heart touching and some of them are very cute. So do you want to share the next question?

Jen: Okay, what if someone has a tight butthole and your wiener can’t fit?

Cathy: That’s a good question.

Jen: I think they mean like penis

Cathy: Penis

Jen: by wiener probably.

Cathy: Perhaps.

Jen: Probably. Yeah, so what if someone has a tight butthole? Well, okay. The butt has muscles around it whenever I start talking to a kid I make it super simple. So maybe I’ll answer it like a kid. So the butt has muscles that keep it shut, right? Otherwise poop would just be falling out all over the place

Cathy: Yeah, messy.

Jen: And that won’t be so nice. So the butt has little muscles to keep it shut and those muscles can open to let out poop or open so let something in and some people letting things to their butts because it feels nice to them it’s true. So sometimes things fit easily in a butt for some people making relaxed and their butt let’s things in and some things might not fit in a butt because the butt those muscles are actually really tight and that’s so true and so like something doesn’t want to go into the butt. The butt is really good at letting that person know things don’t go in the butt.

Cathy: Yeah, don’t push it.

Jen: Yeah, because the butt will say “nope, no thank you.” And some people like “yep! Yes please.”

Cathy: Yes.

Jen: It depends on the person. So, yeah. If something don’t fit then don’t…don’t force it and of course if that was happening between two people or between a person and an object for example they would want to make sure that if it was two people they really talked about it and they have permission and everything

Cathy: Want very slow and lots of Lube

Jen: feels good about that and if a person is playing with themselves in their butt then they would communicate with their own body and listen to what their body says around that.

Cathy: Don’t force it.

Jen: There’s a lot more to know about that.

Cathy: Yeah.

Jen: Why do people have sex for fun? Is it fun to have sex?

Cathy: It’s a great question.

Jen: This question answers itself. I love questions like that because sometimes people do sex for fun because it’s fun to those people and by sex I mean deciding they’re going to do something with their bodies might be their genitals involved too. So yeah, it could be fun for people that’s actually one of the most reported reasons people do it.

Cathy: Yes.

Jen: For fun and pleasure.

Cathy: And it is fun to have sex, that’s a good sex.

Jen: Yeah, it could be other reasons to yield it too it’s not always for sex

Cathy: Yeah

Jen: And fun

Cathy: Pregnancy

Jen: Yeah.

Cathy: [Inaudible 00:02:30] or

Jen: Yeah. Intimacy to show like connection and closeness like different kinds of emotions you can get shown through that and then sometimes people do sex and it’s forced and then that’s not for fun for anyone

Cathy: Yeah

Jen: and that’s also not okay and if that ever happened to anybody it’s really important that you tell somebody and I hope nobody ever does that to anybody either. Okay? I always hope that people are getting permission and waiting to hear a clear

Cathy: Yes.

Jen: Enthusiastic

Cathy: Yes

Jen: positive and possibly even verbal absolutely yes.


Cathy: Preferably verbal.

Jen: Yeah, that way you’ll know for sure. Right?

Cathy: These are great. That one is not related to sex.

Jen: Is there a cure for puberty?

Cathy: Yes, time.

Jen: After a while it goes away but you know doctors say that it goes to like thirty-five.

Cathy: Really?

Jen: Like hormonally the changes that are happening can especially for people with penises and more testosterone it tends to those changes are still happening into their 30’s.

Cathy: Oh, wow.

Jen: Yeah, so puberty lasts a long time. I mean another way you can answer this is like no like puberty happens for everybody except sometimes people who are transgender and I’m super supportive awesome parents might actually put puberty on pause for a second. It’s really cool they can do a thing where they help a body get the hormones they need to kind of slow down puberty so that person can like really think and make decisions about what they want to do with their body and how they want to move through the world. Maybe getting some hormones from a doctor to help them have the changes they really want for their own body. So, it’s not like a cure and nor is there anything wrong with puberty ‘coz

Cathy: It can make

Jen: Cure makes it sound that there’s something wrong with it. There’s not.

Cathy: Well, it’s very confusing… I remember Reid very confused and lots of emotions and

Jen: Oh, yeah.

Cathy: It was it was a challenging time. I was glad when puberty was over for me.

Jen: Yeah. I mean when you think about it almost every aspect of your life is changing when you’re in puberty – your social dynamics, your physical body, your relationship to your parents, your understanding of sex all of that everything is changing. Do you know any adults who want everything to change in their life all of a sudden like everything for like seven, eight years like of all change all the time? It’s intense! Got to give these kids some breaks

Cathy: Yeah.

Jen: Because it’s like fun intense time.

Cathy: One….one more?

Jen: Okay. I had to pause and maybe start a new

Cathy: Well, I can cut out

Jen: Oh, yeah. Okay

Cathy: A little section to

Jen: Oh, yeah here we go.

Cathy: Okay

Jen: Can you get semen when you’re 10 and does semen come out when the penis is in strong mode? I love the strong mode. I haven’t met one who has a strong mode yet but evidently it’s a new evolutionary improvement that’s coming up in the children of tomorrow they have a strong mode for their penis. Yeah, people could get semen when they’re 10’s more common when it’s like 13 or 14. Semen is the liquid that holds sperm and comes out of a person with a penises body when they have what’s called an ejaculation. It’s white liquid milky thicker white liquid coming out and to semen come out only when the penis is in strong mode? I’m guessing strong mode means when

Cathy: Hard on

Jen: it’s like erect and full of blood and stiff they’re sticking out. That is what it usually comes out. Yeah, first you have to have strong mode then you have to have ejaculation mode.

Cathy: Generally

Jen: Generally.

Cathy: Yeah.

Jen: There are times where it’s….that liquid could come out when more relaxed or softer penis. It’s not as common.

Cathy: Yeah. Thanks very much. I hope you enjoyed these as much as we have and if you have thoughts, comments, questions please leave them below. We love to hear.

Jen: Yeah. We love to answer more of these.