How Can You Create More Joy And Creative Freedom In Your Life Right Now?

Peter: Greetings how can you create more joy and creative freedom in your life right now?

Monique: I’m Monique darling

Cathy: I’m Cathy Vartuli from

Peter: I’m Peter Peterson from

Monique: And we’re super excited to be joining you today and asking all sorts of questions around freedom and free will and being able to open up your heart and make more choices available in your life.

Cathy: Where can they find you if they don’t know it?



Cathy: I loved what you were talking about we’re taught we’re deciding what to shoot next I think a lot of people get stuck in ruts and they’re kind of just going through their lives and it’s so easy I have fingers pointing back at me. There’s things i do that i just always done them that way or it’s become a habit, and that’s not really freedom anymore. It’s I’m not necessarily being the creative most expressed person I can be I’m just like okay get up and I do this and I kind of go through the motions. And that’s not how I want to live my life is amazingly short and it can be so delicious. If we’re present and making conscious choices about how to direct it. But a lot of us don’t even think about what we’re doing day-to-day.

Peter: Monique and I are professional pattern interrupters we really love to bring light on behavior and how it’s affecting and augmenting your life, and we love to talk about ways that can interrupt patterns that are keeping us in a rut and not leaving us very fulfilled or happy in our own lives.

Monique: it leaves you having more choices to be able to live life on your own terms because so many of us have been told from parents and teachers and society and churches this is how you’re supposed to be I know that was me and for many like 33 years I believed who I was as a person was wrong. Because I thought differently than the law around me was saying how I’m supposed to be. And so it’s really one of my deepest passions is helping people be able to remember you have the right to question anything and then being able to me what freedom is being able to have the ability to respond at any given moment. And so if you trust yourself if you’re able to take apart the patterns that you have and the stories that are going on inside of your head that really make you react to what’s going on all of a sudden you have more space to be able to respond in any given moment whatever is happening. And that to me is freedom because no one can take that away from you.

Peter: What are some ways that you can become more present and aware of your behaviors and your thoughts and your actions and deeds? What are what are some ways of becoming more present and waking up so that you can augment your life as you as you go and not have to be a victim of your circumstance?

Cathy: The biggest thing for me was listening to the voices in my head with a consciousness rather than “Oh, big people can never fat, people can’t do those things like oh who said why?” and then figuring out what was right for me to do irrespective of the you know that the thoughts we have that what they’re awful have us in. Like nice people don’t do that or good people don’t do that or fat people don’t do that or women don’t do that “Oh bullshit i get to be whatever the hell I want to do” and just kind of questioning what we’re indoctrinated with and then challenging it and sometimes challenging myself and baby steps or big steps and going “I can do this it’s okay”

Peter: We’ve all been programmed to think that we have the set of circumstances and that there’s nothing that we can do about them like “Oh what was me this is my life and there’s nothing I can do to really change it”

Monique: In society and large really services people that are in victim look like arson you get all this attention you have when you’re sick everyone shows up at your door like there’s all

Cathy: Which is wonderful but you don’t want to have that be a crutch there’s me grab back.

Peter: Speaking of crutches what about the pharmaceutical companies that literally don’t really take care of the problem they just put a little Band-Aid or a mask on it, and make you make you feel like that you’re better we’re really you’re not.

Cathy: I’m very grateful for many of the drugs that are out there. But like you know antibiotics and that sort of thing but there’s often times they invent a drug they find a drug that will do something and they and they invent a cure like an illness that you need to had that you have like whatever it is like “oh you have this thing, so you have to take this drug” so you can make money

Peter: Acid reflux so you have to take this pill for the rest of your life, really? That’s to me

Monique: That’s another pattern

Peter: Exactly, What do you do to create more awareness in your life?

Monique: For me then that started being able to recognize like becoming aware of when I was out of my body, so if I would disconnect from my body it was so much easier to be in habits or patterns or things that people told me.