Making Sure You’re Looking At The Camera While Making Videos

Cathy: When you’re making videos, what can you do to make sure you’re looking at the camera versus yourself in the picture?

Jen: Well this was my way of trying to figure out how to do that because I wasn’t very good at it. So I kept looking at my own eyeballs ‘coz I think making eye contact with yourself seems normal but when you’re looking at the internet that’s not how it is. So I got this great cut out of Raquel Welch

Cathy: Oh. Wow.

Jen: From a 1970’s magazine and I know it looks like there’s a bullet hole in her head but it’s not. If I just put this right over here turn it around and I put it over the camera hole then I get to look at her through the thing and that reminds me of where I’m looking.

Cathy: Yeah. We just have to adjust the fan

Jen: And so we have to make it right. Yeah

Cathy: The fan is blowing it up.

Jen: Yeah.

Cathy: So, no that’s great.

Jen: So that’s how I remember

Cathy: And

Jen: Hi Raquel.

Cathy: And you’re… do you introduce yourself? We didn’t discuss this yet.

Jen: Alright, so now we have to take this down.

Cathy: Yeah

Jen: Remove this out of the way.

Cathy: Yeah

Jen: Oh, okay. Now, you can actually see that too. Yeah, yeah

Cathy: Yeah

Jen: Is that weird?

Cathy: Nice. I think it works fine.

Jen: Okay cool. Alright

Cathy: But just introduce yourself in the video.

Jen: Okay. Hi! I’m Jen Devine also known as J.D and I work for an organization I started called I had teach children about gender and genitals all over the Bay Area.

Cathy: Wonderful. Thank you. I’m Cathy Vartuli from and Raquel and J.D and I will be right back with some more videos.