Should We Be Worried If My Wife And I Often Do Erotic Hypnosis?



Cathy: Someone wrote in and said they just recently discovered erotic hypnosis and they’re having such a good time they keep going back to it. Luckily, their wife is not complaining and they’re having a great sex life but the the drama that wrote in said he’s a little concerned because they’re going back to it so often and then he’s having such good orgasms, how much semen can I have in my life in my late thirties, should I be worried, should I stop what I’m doing, we’re going back many times a day for erotic hypnosis and sex. This is Reid Mihalko from


Reid: This is Cathy Vartuli from the


Cathy: You should have one of those watches you have your tux on and you can go you just will just, you can do it right now.


Reid: You’re right. Well, there’s really nothing to swing here.


Cathy: Nothing shiny.


Reid: So this sounds like, keep your eyes on the rubber duck, this sounds like, I’m wearing a tuxedo because the airline’s lost my luggage and all I had was my little suit bag which I had a tux in it so we’re tuxing it up today. This sounds like a non-problem in a way so my questions are, is everybody having fun? If you’re in a relationship, is is this possibly impacting your relationship? Rather than..

Cathy: Are you still showing up for work?

Reid: Yeah like if there’s not a problem then the problem is you have abundance issues and that things are great although there is also be like so things are going so great but is there some sort of unpredictable or unpredicted consequence that I’m not seeing that might show up, so from that perspective, it’s not like shame, or am I an addict or something like that. I don’t know maybe you’ll have so much sex you’re tired and you need to take a break.


Cathy: But this is not there’s no medical contraindications of sex more than a certain time, number of times a day or certain amount of time.


Reid: Yeah. We don’t know, while there have been studies on rats and there have been rats who have died from having too much sex, it that was because they keep having sex and forgot to eat not because the sex killed them.


Cathy: Yeah, so make sure you take meal breaks.


Reid: Yeah. Are you just being a normal human being who happens to be having a lot of sex and if it’s not negatively impacting your relationships and you’re not breaking existing relationship agreements and things like that it sounds like you’re having a hoot and you know.


Cathy: You might have tapped into a a process that feels really good physically and is very erotic to you at the same time and there’s a real sweet spot so.


Reid: Sure, then let us in on this, like who who like how do I get in on this? Like let’s leave some links in the comments my friends, but at the same time it’s a great question. It’s great to be concerned and just have a check in like is this okay? And from what I know about erotic hypnosis and you know having a lot of sex, although certainly, you can be having you know unsafe sex and and and not taking care of your body and you could I guess erotic hypnosis could be used for evil purposes nefariously or you could be breaking agreements, those things would be bad.


Cathy: It doesn’t sound like his wife is upset


Reid: Yes.


Cathy: It sounds like she’s happy.


Reid: So rock it on!


Reid: Last but not least around men, the comment amount, you know in your late thirties I is this a bad thing that you’re having so many orgasms, I would invite you to explore what erotic hypnosis is like and and your love life with your with your love ones and not always having to ejaculate for sex to happen, there’s some Taoist Sexuality Principles and ideas and tantra and such about like you know you’re spilling your life force which again, ejaculation is a choice and it was interesting for me when I when I went on an orgasm fast for a while and practice masturbating without ejaculating and kind of conserving my sexual energy like that was interesting for me to try that out, so maybe there’s value there to try it out and I know some people who do Taoist Sexuality Practices and they can shame people for ejaculating and I don’t really believe in that. So..


Cathy: Yeah.


Reid: Maybe that’s helpful?


Cathy: I think if if you’re enjoying it, you’re taking care of your life and your body and your relationships then just enjoy the good things that are happening in life


Reid: And if it starts to fade and it’s not working anymore I don’t think anything is broken too. I think part of what’s interesting about being human beings is that we get excited about new things and sometimes those things shift so don’t beat yourself up or think that you’re broken if it starts to lose its flavor or it’s zing, enjoy what you got while you got it and just keep exploring and being curious. Thanks for leaving a comment.


Cathy: Yeah.