Does the G-spot exist? What do you do with it? Join Cathy Vartuli from and Reid Mihalko from as they share ideas and insights from the beach (recorded from Fort Lauderdale Beach, our apologize for the wind noise on the recording).

Cathy: Hey everyone.

Reid: Hello. Welcome from the beach, obviously, this not some fancy green screen. I’m Reid Mihalko from

Cathy: This is Cathy Vartuli from

Reid: I’m holding my computer so I’m sorry if it’s bobble. What are we talking about today?

Cathy: If you hadn’t had the extra piña colada it would’ve been okay.

 Reid: Ssh, don’t tell them we’re drunk.

Cathy: We’re talking about G-spots today.

Reid: Really?

Cathy: Yeah.

 Reid: Just totally sprang that on me.

Cathy: I did.

Reid: Okay.

Cathy: Well, I was talking to some people that I coach and they were not sure if they were real or not. I think that everyone should know they are.

Reid: Yes, G-spots are real regardless of what your doctor tells you and believe me the amount of sexuality training doctors get, you know more now by watching this video than they do.

Cathy: Can you tell us a little bit more about the G-spot?

Reid: You have one, why don’t you tell them?

Cathy: It’s about two knuckles in on the front side of the pelvis.

Reid: Meaning towards, like up-if you’re lying on your back it’s up.

Cathy: Up towards the sky. Yeah.

Reid: I’m just trying to keep the beach in the shot here.

Cathy: Well thank you, that’s very important. A lot of people don’t think it’s real because it does take some getting used to. Like the first time someone stimulated my G-spot it was a lot of sensation and I wasn’t used to that. Once I got used to it I really liked it.

Reid: There’s also a thing that I’ll add in as a sex geek, the idea that your G-spot is basically comprised of erectile tissue. The way I look at it is its your urethral sponge and your clitoral shaft, which are both erectile tissue and unless they’re both engorged, unless they have blood flow to them and they’re oxygenated, that stimulation can feel uncomfortable because it’s like too much, too soon.

Once you start to get your erectile tissue to engorge and the blood flows there and your nerve endings are oxygenated then all of sudden the sensation is kind of all online and so that’s when I think your G-spot actually becomes like an area, like a spot inside you that’s kind of online. When it’s not online it kind of feels-when I play with people’s G-spots if it’s not erected it doesn’t feel like anything’s there.

Cathy: Right, so a lot of people may not be able to find it. Foreplay is really important. We have another video where we shared about the clitoral legs and so the Vulcan hand sign, play on the outside, stimulate clitoral legs.

Reid: From the beach we’re giving you the Vulcan gang sign, my friends.

Cathy: And that really does help. It makes everything feel better. Sheri Winston’s book, “The Anatomy of Female Arousal,” is great for this and she talks about how there’s part of the erectile tissue-pound for pound men and women have the same amount of erectile tissue, which was really fascinating for me. There’s actually a ring that goes around the vagina, so when a woman is really stimulated that will become aroused and there’s more stimulation there too for penetration.

Reid: Look at you kicking out the sex geekery.

Cathy: Yes.

Reid: From the beach, like where it’s like MTV Beach House. Boom. Leave your comments below, let us know your experiences about G-spots and things like that-

Cathy: And questions.

Reid: Yeah and please if you’re a troller, just going to sit there and yell at us on the comments, that’s not cool, go to the beach, man. Take the day off.


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