What is Cuddlist?

How is Cuddlist different from other cuddle programs? With Yoni Alkan from http://www.SFCuddles.com and Cathy Vartuli from http://www.TheIntimacyDojo.com.

Dr. Yoni: What is cuddlist? And how is it different than other companies? I am Yoni Alkan from http://www.sfcuddles.com/

Cathy: And I’m Cathy Vartuli from https://theintimacydojo.com/

Dr. Yoni: So, we are both cuddle party facilitators. We worked with http://www.cuddleparty.com/

Cathy: Yup.

Dr. Yoni: and cuddle party is a great thing but that is

Cathy: Definitely check it out.

Dr. Yoni: Yeah. But those are events

Cathy: Yeah.

Dr. Yoni: that’s multi

Cathy: multi….many people

Dr. Yoni: Many people at once. Cuddlist is a company that does one-on-one cuddling and I’m a cuddlists’ practitioner myself

Cathy: Yeah.

Dr. Yoni: and I was talking to Cathy and I was talking to her about cuddlist and she was like, “what….what’s so interesting about cuddlist?”

Cathy: Yeah. Why….why did you choose that? Why did you like it’s supposed to running cuddle parties or…or going with somebody else?

Dr. Yoni: Right and there are few professional one-on-one cuddling companies out there. The reason I chose cuddlist, well there were a few reasons the first one was their training was relatively cheap. I think it’s about 150 dollars nowadays and it’s relatively cheap but they do give you ample training. The training consists of online material and then you get you have to attend the cuddle party as a part of the….the training

Cathy: Which I recommend for everybody anyway.

Dr. Yoni: Yeah. And….and then you have to do a review session with a certified cuddlist but what happens is the role’s tran…transfer. So, basically you pay the cuddlist but you are the practitioner.

Cathy: So you get to practice with things people might do or say or

Dr. Yoni: Right

Cathy: Nice

Dr. Yoni: right and that’s really useful but what makes cuddlists as a company unique, everyone provides cuddling which is the touch aspect of it and cuddlist as well. Cuddlists, if the client wants provide non-sexual consensual touch cuddling we use the term cuddling even though that’s a vague term. What cuddlist does is it has two aspects that are very crucial. The first is consent

Cathy: It’s so important.

Dr. Yoni: Yeah. It’s so important and that’s why cuddlist and cuddle party are kind of sister organizations they work together

Cathy: and then, said it also goes for the professional cuddler as well as the person going in to cuddle.

Dr. Yoni: Precisely. We both agree to speak up if there’s anything that we don’t want or if there’s anything that we want.

Cathy: Uhuh.

Dr. Yoni: And that is kind of bringing me to the second reason why cuddlist is so awesome because it promotes people to ask for what they want.

Cathy: That’s….most people are so bad at that.

Dr. Yoni: Oh my god

Cathy: mine’s…. at fingers pointing back at me and I’m like I’m getting better of it. It’s hard

Dr. Yoni: Yes. It is really difficult and a cuddlist doesn’t have to you don’t have to come to cuddlist for that because you can just come for the cuddling and it’s absolutely okay. But you can also one of the things that you get from a cuddlist is empowerment. You get empowered to ask what you want ask for what you want

Cathy: Yeah.

Dr. Yoni: and

Cathy: Which carries over into regular life and helps with so many things.

Dr. Yoni: Precisely. You learn how to speak for yourself, you learn how to ask yourself what you want and that is you know what to tell you the truth I think that is almost the number one question in our lives.

Cathy: Yeah.

Dr. Yoni: In anything in our lives, what do I want?

Cathy: I….I’ve worked with clients all the time and a lot of them have no clue.

Dr. Yoni: Yeah.

Cathy: When we….first thing is we have to go back to like “what feels good to your body? What do you like?” So many of us are trained out of it and then I know that parents are often busy or tired or like my mother I would remember when I was a little kid, I’m like I’m hungry or I’m tired and she’s like no you’re not and she just literally didn’t have the energy to deal with it right then. That’s…that’s where it was but like enough of that can disassociate you from what you really want in your life and if you don’t know what you want, how do you create it?

Dr. Yoni: Yeah. If….if you don’t know what you want, you can’t ask for it and being able to actually speak up and ask for it that’s….that’s wonderful and this is great practice to come to cuddlist and practice that. It’s a really empowering feature of cuddlist. Obviously you don’t have to, it doesn’t have to be focused on that but I think that’s the added value that cuddlists specifically gives. You can go on http://cuddlist.com/Yoni to….to book a session with me or just go to the website http://cuddlist.com/ we will put a link and it’s really interesting just to look them up.

Cathy: Yeah. Check it out.

Dr. Yoni: Yeah.

Cathy: He is a good cuddler so check it out.

Dr. Yoni: Thank you.

Cathy: Yeah.

Dr. Yoni: Alright.

Cathy: And leave comments below. We’d love to know what you think.

Dr. Yoni: Yeah. Thank you guys!