Do you use Intuition in your coaching and workshops? Do you help others discover their inner guidance and awareness?

If you are empathetic, psychic, intuitively and/or divinely guided… And love helping other people discover their inner power and awareness, we’d love you to share!

We have an open call for speakers for Feeling It All: A Supportive Journey Into Strengthening and Consciously Opening Your Intuition and Empathy: A Sex-Positive Virtual Festival!
December 11th to 13th, 2020

Deadline for Submissions is 11/22/20 at midnight!

You are welcome to propose talks that help people connect with their inner guidance, their empathy, avoid mistakes and enhance their awareness.

We welcome sex-positive talks that share ways to use intuition and empathy in consensual ways as people connect intimately, and your talk does not need to include a focus on sexuality.

You can also do group readings or help people experience the depth of their feelings and awareness.

We do require that talks be:

  • Inclusive and accessible. We are anti-racist, support gender fluid and transgender rights, welcome all sexual expression, ages (over 21 years of age due to content), sizes and those with disability.
  • Please avoid binary language around gender (feminine and masculine).
  • Consent is a priority. While Intuition and Empathy are powerful and can give good insights, they should never override or be used to diminish anyone’s “no” or judgement on what is right for them.

To learn more about the festival:

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