We’re running another summit and want you to be part of it!
We’ll be sending a wider announcement for speaker invitations, and wanted to give you a heads up as an invited speaker. We have a 1-2 hour spot for you to speak in during our upcoming Shadows and Light Festival, September 24-28th. (And please feel free to submit more than one, we’d love to have you present more than once!)
Monique, Peter, and I are running this festival to help people identify, connect, and reclaim their shadow sides and to bring light into their world.
Too many people are intent on suppressing their darker. shameful, hidden sides. Which works as well as holding a beachball underwater… Repression takes intense (subconscious) focus and energy, and can keep people stuck. We’re looking for focuses around intimacy, sexuality, abundance, communication, and personal development.
We invite you to submit your ideas to support this using the form here:
The form has all the details and the speaker agreement together- so this will be the only thing you need to fill out.
If you want to see the event description to help you with talk ideas, etc., the link is here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/shadows-and-light-a-virtual-festival-tickets-116519142893
Feel free to submit more than one idea. Since you’re on our “Rockstar” list, we are promising you a spot, and depending on how your ideas line up with our vision, we may want you to present more than once.
[Black banner with gold and silver swirls, saying Shadows and Light: A Virtual Festival]

[Black banner with gold and silver swirls, saying Shadows and Light: A Virtual Festival]

If you are interested, please send this back to us by August 15th. We will start filling the schedule at that point and also accepting submissions from non-invited speakers to round out the festival. We don’t want to fill up the time you’d like best!

We hope you’re in and play with Shadows and Light with us!

Cathy, Monique and Peter