Self-Care Tip… Back To Back Events? What Do You Do To Take Care Of Yourself?

Self-Care Tip… Back To Back Events? What Do You Do To Take Care Of Yourself?

Reid: So Cathy Vartuli, how’s it going after camp?

Cathy: This is actually really comfortable, believe it or not.

Reid: Oh. I think you’ve innovated picnic table design. The reclining picnic table. The picnic table lounge.

Cathy: You should try it. This is really comfortable.

Reid: Are you happy that the camp is over?

Cathy: I have a great time and it’s probably good that it is over because I don’t know if we’ll still be alive.

Reid: You worked really, really hard. Congratulations on making 72 people really, really happy in learning more business and stuff. We are going to Woodhull today for another 3 days of geeking out. So, how about a self-care tip for people who are going of 1 retreat or intense situation into another one?

Cathy: If you can give yourself a little bit of downtime between so Reid and I have from 6pm last night until 6pm tonight, there are nights that we are not working. We try not to work. And then, I also booked a hotel room by myself so I can have some away time if I needed.

Reid: Nice. A place to hide.

Cathy: Yes.

Reid: But you have a coffee in your hotel room?

Cathy: I do. So you have to come find me.

Reid: So I’ll be knocking.

Cathy: Yes.

Reid: Yey! Check out Cathy’s work at There she is. Can sleep pushing the edges innovation, ladies and gentlemen.

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