Cathy: So today we’re gonna be talking about your getting things done style.

Reid: This is Cathy Vartuli from

Cathy: And Reid Mihalko from and…

Reid: When I have the green Sex Geek Summer Camp shirt on this is a business advice video with grapes for sex educators.

Cathy: So, were getting things ready for camp and talking about the different things that Reid is going to teach and one of the things that came up is different styles.

Reid: Like dating your species.

Cathy: Or cool down styles.

Reid: Dating your business models in business.

Cathy: They’re really good and so he suggested a getting things done styles. And we geeked out a little bit on it and we want to share some ideas.

Reid: So ideas, the big concept is to understand that you may have a various ways of being productive that actually congruent and work really well for you. But you probably just unconsciously copy and pasted other ways that other people were productive… maybe they wrote a business book or this or that.

Cathy: You saw your mom and dad doing things and you just like, that’s how you do work!

Reid: So you kinda copied and pasted and a lot of us don’t really have a control over a productivity, and it might be because you just inherited it or picked up our productivity style that isn’t really your self-expression. And that’s where you have this idea of what’s your getting things done style came out of our conversation yesterday.

Cathy: And there’s a pdf if they go to the link.

Reid: Oh, good lord.

Cathy: We put the link down below and on the video but there’s a link that you can download a pdf that will walk you to these steps but part of it is being conscious. So what we recommend is taking a nice deep breath and close your eyes. (Not if you’re driving. If you’re driving please open our eyes!)

Reid: I swear Cathy recommends this. You recommend this. I approved.

Cathy: And remember the time when you got a lot of things done. And what were the conditions under what you did that. (Why are you laughing?)

Reid: I’m laughing cause our productivity style is very different, I’m just like wow, time out imagining.

Cathy: But we can Ven Diagram. At least knowing is really powerful, was there a lot of noise in the background? Some people loved music. My dad loves to have noise in the background, my mom had the room absolutely quite. Is it that you like a certain kind of music like when you like music? I tend to have no music…

Reid: Some people get a lot of done with a TV on or news on.

Cathy: Are you sitting in the desk or sitting in your couch or are you outdoors. Just becoming more aware in the pdf there’s more details but just being kinda aware what was going on in the environment were you, how could you set yourself up to be more productive and rating that from 0 to 10 like how important to feel like, maybe it was at your desk but it doesn’t feel like it’s critical.

Reid: Yeah. And for music, television silent that doesn’t feel important where other people like said no I need classical jazz to really get in my groove.

Cathy: Yeah, Reid and I are really different. He likes music, I tend not to think about it. But when you play rapper music I can’t focus. There are certain music I’m fine with. So we can Ven diagram.

Reid: We understand what works for each of us and we can start to figure out what good fit is. And I’m fine I can still get things done without the music. It’s not that important to me but for some of my thinking, some of my productivity especially like heavy thinking productivity and then task doing. So me working on formatting something for my website very different than maybe different for you and when I’m mapping out what I wanna be doing for the next 3 years.

So there’s different kinds of getting things done and you’re really working toward what me has really dropped me to my groove. So you know if you’ve got to enter in all these emails sign ups from my workshops because you haven’t figured out how to hire an assistant yet or go to or hire somebody to do it or or maybe you just like doing that coz it’s good for you to be a little bit mindless and a zoned out just to do that entry.

Well what you need to really get in to the groove of that entry? Maybe, my groove it’s like 2 am, with a cup of tea or a glass of wine and some hip hop or whatever and I’m just in it. Getting things done but also feeling more re-charged or depleted in that great way where you’re like spent but it’s a refreshing spent.

Cathy: And also it’s important to notice what really depletes, what doesn’t work. So I recommend going back to a time where it was really frustrating to get things done. And noticing what the big factors there was, what was noisy when you needed to be quite or you’re super tired or you were in the environment that didn’t work for you.

Reid: What time was it? And then understanding that, what you thinks is going on as you start to identify this there all this variables is just a place to start. There are all these variables that might be happening. You might think, oh my goodness I’m a night owl, I really get things done from the hours between 10 pm to 3 am is my best window.

But really what’s happening is not just really that you’re just a night owl it just that between you just had tend to sleep then and you have peace and quiet and you tend to get more done. Maybe when the kids are like 8 or whatever then it shifts for you. So again, it’s not always gonna be the same for every situation and what you think what’s happening might not actually be the truth but try to start identify styles can be really helpful and allow you to be a leverage how you get things done in a way that fulfills you more than drain groove.

Cathy: Do you wanna share anything else?

Reid: No. I think that’s good.

Cathy: Please let us know what you think. Leave comments below or ask questions. How do you get things done and what’s your styles?