Where Is The Boundary Between Other People’s Need To Feel Special, and My Consent

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1nplixJBKeQ Cathy: So, where is the boundary between other people’s need to feel special and my consent? This is Reid Mihalko from www.ReidAboutSex.com Reid: Cathy Vartuli from www.TheIntimacyDojo.com Cathy: You do remember who I am? Reid: Yes I do but this is a good question, read the question again. Cathy: Some people have a very strong need to feel special and where is the boundary between their need to feel [...]

How Do You Extricate Yourself When You’re Dating Someone Who Isn’t Your Species?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3YUOMyOMVuE Cathy: Someone wrote in and said, we talked how not to fall in love but how we extricate yourself when you realize you’re not with your species really bad fit but those cocaine addiction chemicals is still happily trapping through the system. This is Reid Mihalko from http://www.ReidAboutSex.com/ Reid: This is Cathy Vartuli from http://www.TheIntimacyDojo.com/ Cathy: It’s a great question! Reid: Wooh!  You know you have a drug problem [...]

Bisexuality… What About It?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FA7W2SQsvuA Cathy: Someone wrote in and said could you talk more about bisexuality, there’s not a lot out there that I like at it. Reid: Bisexuality? I can’t see it! It’s invisible. This is Cathy Vartuli from https://TheIntimacyDojo.com/. Cathy: This is Reid Mihalko from https://ReidAboutSex.com/. Reid: It’s a little joke for bisexuals out there about bisexual invisibility. Cathy: A lot of society just don’t see them as they don’t think [...]

Betrayal… And How Can Someone Bounce Back?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e0-CgrlvnXs Cathy: We have new comment. Hey peeps, running for a dear friend who had a classic narcissistic partner with who have been lying to her for years. A lot something major, it’s a long story. I’m looking for advice about psychological response to experiencing betrayal and the loss of abusive addictive relationship. How can someone flame of bad relationships of their self-talks than can find strength to pick up [...]

What’s The Difference Between An Open Relationship and Poly?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Muv_s_Y00-A Cathy: What's the difference between an open relationship and a polyamorous relationship? This is Yoni Alkan from http://www.ElementsOfSexuality.com/. Yoni: And this is Cathy Vartuli from http://www.TheIntimacyDojo.com/ and we're here today to talk about different types of relationships. Cathy: And it's so fun to dig into and see what other people think. Figure out where you might fit. Yoni: Yeah because every person has their own rules and what they [...]

What Is Relationship Anarchy? And Do You Bring It Into Your Life?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=71esHaTB4xs Cathy: What is relationship anarchy? And how do you use it in your life if you want to? This is Yoni Alkan from http://www.ElementsOfSexuality.com. Yoni: And this is Cathy Vartuli from http://www.TheIntimacyDojo.com/. Cathy: So, we are having dinner and we're talking about this and I find really fascinating. We're talking about a definition of types of relationships. What's relationship anarchist? Yoni: Right. So, relationship anarchy is basically people who [...]

What Are The Types Of Non-Monogamous Relationships?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rp87RnwThaE Cathy: I'm here today with Yoni Alkan from http://www.ElementsOfSexuality.com/ and we just had this amazing dinner where we're talking about the types of non-monogamous relationships and we wanted to share some of the ideas that you and I shared. This is Cathy Vartuli from TheIntimacyDojo.com. Yoni: I'm Yoni Alkan from http://www.ElementsOfSexuality.com/ and we were taking about different types of non-monogamy and there are endless types because you basically do [...]

What Do I Do When My Eroticism Conflicts With My Politics?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qbo8IY99GeI Cathy: Someone wrote in and said what do I do with my eroticism and my personal politics collide such as feminists who likes to be called girl by her lovers or black American who likes to be tied up and help captive for a little while. Am I broken? This is Reid Mihalko from http://ReidAboutSex.com/. Reid: Cathy Vartuli from http://TheIntimacyDojo.com/. Who wrote this in, you awesome person for writing [...]

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If I Come On Her Pussy, Will She Get Pregnant?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1v21SDnRBHk Cathy: Another question from the viewer. If I pull out is it okay if I cum on the pussy and just stick it back in. This is Reid from http://www.ReidAboutSex.com/ Reid: Cathy Vartuli from TheIntimacyDojo.com. Cathy: Oh, Reid Mihalko from http://www.ReidAboutSex.com/. Reid: Yeah, we did this on the last video. It’s okay. You all know that I’m Reid, you know that’s Cathy. Ei, we’re good. What’s not good is [...]

How Can I Make A Woman Cum As Fast As Possible?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JJd9chdygeI Cathy: Someone new to our channel wrote in and said, “How can I make a girl come really… Is orgasm is fast as possible the first time we meet? This is Reid Mihalko from http://www.ReidAboutSex.com/ Reid: Cathy Vartuli. Cathy ‘speedy’ Vartuli from http://www.TheIntimacyDojo.com/. Answer that question, Cathy. Cathy: Absolutely. Reid: It’s a race! Go! Cathy: The best way that I can think of is not to try. It’s about [...]

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