Cathy: What is relationship anarchy? And how do you use it in your life if you want to? This is Yoni Alkan from

Yoni: And this is Cathy Vartuli from

Cathy: So, we are having dinner and we’re talking about this and I find really fascinating. We’re talking about a definition of types of relationships. What’s relationship anarchist?

Yoni: Right. So, relationship anarchy is basically people who don’t want to define the relationship by the standard…

Cathy: Picket fence to nap kids, two-car garage.

Yoni: Right that’s one definition but even people who define themselves as non-monogamous as open relationship or swingers or polyamorous or even this is boyfriend, this is my partner, they just want to define each person and the relationship between them in its own unique way.

Cathy: I get that. My best friend Rick and I have a very romantic relationship. People go out, people think we’re married, we think it’s cute like we don’t get that. It’s fun but we’re not sexual but we have a very deep and loving relationship. I don’t have a word for it.

Yoni: And that’s the thing with relationship anarchy, you don’t have to have a word for it because you define for each person and you can also just not define at all but you define for each person that particular relationship and this is a good question for everyone, what is a relationship? What constitutes a relationship for you? What constitutes as a sexual relationship? What constitutes as emotional? As lifelong relationship? It really differs from person to person. Relationship anarchy is a relatively new term and I don’t define myself as a relationship anarchist so I can’t delve deeper but please Google it and read about it. There’s ask Google. Search online, you will get a lot of information from different places so please go ahead.

Cathy: And if you’re watching this knows a great resource, a good place to look, please leave your comments below. We love that. Or questions you have. Thanks so much for sharing. I love new words. It’s like so geeky.

Yoni: Thank you, Cathy.

Cathy: Bye.