Can you build a quick, deep relationship with your email subscribers? With Cathy Vartuli from and Reid Mihalko from

Cathy: When can bouncing be useful in a business? Not this kind of bouncing.

Reid: I’m Reid Mihalko from, creator of

Cathy: I’m Cathy Vartuli from

Reid: This is a business advice video, relationships and business.

Cathy: They do go together.

Reid: Yes. What is bouncing?

Cathy: Your list is only valuable if you have a great relationship with it. Bouncing is something that’s used in some dating circles to mean taking someone to different locations quickly so that it is …

Reid: Yeah, either in a date or in the same restaurant or bar.

Cathy: Yeah, because our brain subconsciously feel safer with someone you’ve interacted with in different locations and in different ways.

Reid: Think of montages in romantic comedies where they go to the carnival and then they throw the balls and he gets the prize, and now they are by the river and now they are rowing in the canoe. You are sharing a bunch of different experiences visually and so our brains basically think there is all this other stuff that happened. You can actually create that in real space, in real time and you can do it digitally as evidence by this next bit of advice.

Cathy: If you invite someone in your email to engage with you on Facebook and Twitter and they go there and they have really good experiences, you invite them to interact with you in different ways by replying to a survey or replying to the email.

Reid: Leaving their own video comment.

Cathy: Yes, they start associating you as someone who is really important in their life and that can build a relatedness that lets you connect with them and make a bigger difference in their life.

Reid: This is a way for you to create engagement, it would be a marketing term, with your list, with the people that are following you. Also by you inviting them to do things that take place in different places Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and inviting them to do different things, leave a comment, shoot a response video, those kinds of actions. You are also training them to take you up on your invitations and now that they are leaving your email and going to Facebook and liking your Facebook page you’ve invited them to do what would be called a micro commitment, but then the information and their relationship for you starts showing up on different areas in their life on different platforms in the social media so not only do they start to realize, “Oh, my goodness. Cathy Vartuli is everywhere.” They are running in to your amazing advice in lots of different places so that starts to anchor which allows you to train them and to teach them in more powerful ways so they can integrate the information and actually transform their lives.

Cathy: The added benefit for this is there is different ways you can ask them to engage with you. When someone if you ask them for support or help with something and they help you, they are now invested in you being successful. Just like if you’ve ever helped anyone out in a way that you felt like you gave something of yourself, you want to see them succeed. If you ask them for a feedback on a book title or …

Reid: How do you answer … could you do this survey for me?

Cathy: Yeah. They suddenly are more invested. They care about you doing well, and they care about your business in a different way, and they feel like they contributed to something they care about so it’s a win-win. You get this great information, they feel more invested, and like they did something good. By engaging with them in a powerful way this way you can build really deep connections in a relatively quick period of time.

Reid: What did you get out of this video and where would you like us to bounce you next? Leave your comments or your video responses below.


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