How Should Ejaculate Come Out When I Come? Should It Spurt Or Drip?

How Should Ejaculate Come Out When I Come? Should It Spurt Or Drip?

Wondering how cum should come out during orgasm for a penis owner?

Find out with Reid Mihalko from and Cathy Vartuli from


Cathy: When you ejaculate, as, if with a penis owner, how was the sperm supposed to come out? Is this supposed to launch like a rocket or is this supposed to leak out?

Reid: Excellent question, this is Cathy Vartuli from

Cathy: And Reid Mihalko from

Reid: We love it when you write in your questions so thank you so much for these questions. I just, I want to make so many funny jokes, I want to sing Elton John’s Rocket Man…the question…the answer from a dork like me is that the answer is yes…it comes out all kinds of ways. Just..

Cathy: And it may come out different the first time you have sex and then a few of sex an hour two or four later and it might be less spurty.

Reid: If you’re having a prostate orgasm somebody’s massaging your prostate from the inside, this is the international signal for prostate. This is the international signal for G-spot massage. This one’s prostate massage. It really kind of depends.

Cathy: You can tell you practice that a lot.

Reid: Yes of course, don’t, don’t do G-spot then prostate then back to g-spot no you have to use gloves and safe for sex and clean things like that. We should do a video on that someday. So here’s the deal when I’m getting a prostate massage and I start to have a prostate orgasm it’s very different and how you’re activating your pelvic floor muscles and things like that and so it is kind of like it, like a my penis is a sniffly nose that’s just running, running, running  and it’s not like its powerful, pornstar cross the room knock over a lamp kind of ejaculation which is just to say that there’s lots of different kinds of ejaculations and no one of them is wrong. What I would ask is if there’s pain involve you should go see a doctor, see a physician and just have a conversation like hey you know it’s painful when I ejaculate and let the experts have a conversation about what kind of pain and maybe they going to send you to a urologist or something like that… I’m no doctor nor do I play one on the interwebs and whether your shooting across the room and knocking over a lamp or you know it’s just a medium ejaculatory response where there’s a lot of cum whether there’s not a lot. My experience and from talking to a lot of people it’s kind of like all across the board, normal.

Cathy: Yeah, there’s nothing wrong. Some penis owners that there’s pre cum leaking a lot all through the sexual encounters some people don’t have much of that. I would guess as a non-MD that hydration if you’re like really dehydrated is going to be harder to have a lot of spurt.

Reid: Spurt? That’s like of a term, I like that spurt. Let’s just call it spurt from now on. There’s a lot of things, working with people, my questions are is there any pain involved? Obviously culture’s having its way with us and we’re supposed to do this, and suppose to do that.

Cathy: Well in porn you always see them all over and there’s a ton of it and…

Reid: You know, am I normal is really that question and the answer is what’s normal is pretty much everything is normal. There will be people that would probably leave comments here and be like you do your kegel exercises and strengthening your pelvic floor muscles you’ll be able to ejaculate from miles. I’m going to say doing your kegel exercises which is where if you were peeing right now, do not pee and squeeze the pee muscles you would need to squeeze to stop peeing and then relax.

Cathy: Maybe they’re watching this while they’re in the toilet.

Reid: And well that’s actually, probably…leave a comment if you’re watching this while you’re peeing.

Cathy: And you’re allowed to..

Reid: And you’re squeezing and you’re relaxing and you’re squeezing and you’re relaxing your PC muscles, you can strengthen your pelvic floor doing yoga and a lot of some of other exercises can help strengthen your pelvic floor which generally speaking for all genders will help increase the intensity of your orgasm because you have stronger muscles which can help you have a stronger spasmodic muscle release response and that’s generally good just for fitness and what not pelvic floor health but again like the goal is not some weird kung fu master version of being able to like shoot across the river or something like that, don’t go that in that direction of being an over achiever, just go for fitness, go for pleasure, pay attention if you’re feeling any pain and then seek medical attention and expert advice when needed.

Cathy: Thanks for leaving your questions you’re always welcome to leave them like comments or message one of us if you have something that you rather not have associate with your name for now. We reply anonymously and on video.

Reid: So yeah.

Cathy: Watch for your answers.

Reid: Leave a comment. Thanks for questions. Say Bye.

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