Will Strong Vibrators Numb You Out?

Will Strong Vibrators Numb You Out?

Reid: Vibrators! Specifically the Sybian, it’s kind of like a Cadillac or John Deer tractors of vibrators the one that you sit on. Can it numb you out? Can it numb your stuff out? Can it harm you? I’m Reid Mihalko from http://www.ReidAboutSex.com.

Cathy: I’m Cathy Vartuli from http://www.TheIntimacyDojo.com.

Reid: Hmmm… So, for transparency Sybian. I’m friends with many of the people at that company.

Cathy: They are wonderful people.

Reid: And they’re one of the sponsors of Sex Geek Summer Camp which is a business retreat for business educators. So I just want to let you know that they’ve given us money and things like that for some of my events and the reason that they were sponsor is I wanted them to be at Camp so other sex educators could find out about this amazing type of vibrator that is designed, you go to http://www.Sybian.com for you to sit on and it thrums. Its kind alike a Hurley Davidson but without a wheels.

Cathy: But you can control the intensity.

Reid: And it has a like a demur like things that you can control the intensity and has like things that you can attach to it that you can sit on for penetration. Traditionally, it’s been used by vulva owners and clit owners. But even I have sat on a Sybian too great effect so it last when you use it. But the main question here is I think Sybian for all that you do, the question here is will it numb me out? And the answer here interestingly yes and no. And you have some experiences with Hitachi magic wand. Have you ridden on a Sybian ever?

Cathy: I sat once fully clothed.

Reid: And did you find it pleasurable?

Cathy: Very much so.

Reid: Really?

Cathy: Yes. And in my Hitachi wand I can feel numb afterwards or if I used it for many days, if I go to a different type of toy or my fingers or most somebody else they can feel little bit of I am not sensitive. But it doesn’t feel permanent. Like if you’re on looking to sun you can see spots for a little while.

 Reid: And if you keep staring in the sun that’s not good.

Cathy: Don’t do that.

Reid: I’m not meaning that, so here’s the deal if you start paying attention to nervous system and neurology or things like that if you do something over and over all time it could feel that it numbs you out. You get accustomed to a certain kind of sensation. I’m not going to get to a huge debate on if it becomes permanent what I’m going to tell people is, use all the colors in the color palate before your painting pleasure and enjoyment of your life. Have some diversity in how you play with your stuff, your junks, your bits, other people genitals, whatever you want to call them. Use a variety of toys and tools and ways on playing with yourself so that you have more choices coz who knows you might be maybe stuck some place one day without your Sybian handy and to be able to know how to pleasure yourself with just your hands. I just think it’s great to have more choice.

Cathy: Right. And for me when I felt mostly the numb out feeling, it’s been that you kind of in the mood you pushed through an orgasm. I’m not really paying attention to my body as much. Sometimes when I play with the vibrator I like to get myself more pressure and less pleasure and invite my partner to do that too, I’m varying it up. But there’s times, Okay I just have 10 minutes and I just wanted to rock one out. Sometimes I just have…

Reid: Rock one out is just funny. Really is rock one out with Cathy Vartuli!

Cathy: I just put the vibrator on higher and just leave it on the area around my clit that really works for me. I’m not really paying attention to my body and not being aware of what my needs are from moment to moment that’s where I tend to numb out more versus if I’m using Sybian when with high intensity you can shift your position, if you stay present with your body and not to force yourself in some place that for me again is big difference maker in terms of intense stimulation.

Reid:  The only thing to understand for some people’s body or certain times in your life or when they’re in certain medication or what not. Intense stimulation is exactly what they need to get off if they’re looking to get off or just experience of a lot of particular kinds of sensation. I also want to say even though I’m saying like use, explore lots of different toys and tools and techniques manually and augmented so that you would know your body more and you have more choice. I’m also fine with I’m also use Sybian all time every time. And my partner and I do this and this and half on my Sybian like go enjoy your body.

Cathy: And have all the pleasure.

Reid: The science seems to indicate that you do not ruin your ability to enjoy other kinds of stimulation if you use a vibrator a lot whether it’s a Sybian or magic wand or whatever. I’m just going to stand by that and I’m going to encourage you to use lots of different things and get over your shame of toys or teach your partners how to use toys with you and on you. Oh my goodness how great it would be to have doing a role play with your partner and maybe they’re not just feeling it and they’re kind of tired and they just kind of  getting all like bossy and say sit on the Sybian, sit on it now. And what’s my name? You know. My name is Sybian, Captain Sybian whatever. Sex and pleasure should be about play and you’re giving yourself with more choice and more agency and usually seems to be a good thing. So try different things and whenever you have fear, talk about your fears with somebody who cares maybe even a therapist and leave questions for us. I want you to be fearing less during sex and pleasuring more.  So that’s it.

 Cathy: Leave comments below, we love to know what you think.

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