Can A Girl Get Satisfied If The Man Didn’t Ejaculate?

Cathy: Someone wrote in and said, can a girl get satisfied if the man doesn’t ejaculate?

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Cathy: Yeah, Thanks.

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Cathy: Yeah, we try to answer as many as we can.

Reid: All right, so Cathy have you ever been satisfied having sexual whatever with a person with penis and they did not ejaculate.

Cathy: Yes many times.

Reid: How was that even possible? Oh my god.

Cathy: I think that were taught by porn and media that the man must ejaculate for it to be complete. There’s times when he might have just cum or he is not limited to cum or he just isn’t getting there.

Reid: Or he doesn’t get hard again and I mean you can technically you can’t ejaculate when soft it’s just..

Cathy: Harder.

Reid: Less common. It’s harder that was funny.

Cathy: But yeah, I’ve had very satisfying sex with, well both of us found satisfying without the man ejaculating. And I find men ejaculating generally fun. So it’s kind of like if it never happened that maybe like “oh I kind of miss out “but it’s a lot about the connection and the pleasure we’re both receiving not the “did he cum? Did we make it to that we check off the box?”

Reid: As, somebody who sleeps with people of all genders, I have had quite satisfying sex without ejaculating and I’ve had sex with other penis owners and that’s been quite satisfying and neither one of us was ejaculated. And I hear tales of satisfying sex with people who have vulvas that I did not ejaculate. I guess it kind of depends on you know what you define is satisfying. And when you remove the goals of certain things one that can be helpful because now it’s not there’s no pressure to have to get to something which can make sex itself more satisfying because there’s just more to do.
Cathy: Well, you’re a present rather than a goal-oriented.

Reid: And believe me I can be as goal-oriented as the best of them, and there’s a time and place for that, too. It does usually seem more satisfying when it’s more just about the play and the having fun than the winning of reaching a goal. And then if you win awesome and if you don’t at least you have fun playing.

Cathy: Yeah, so we’d love to know what you think. I know that a lot of you there are people that only know if a man didn’t cum or it’s not satisfied. It can also be anything about what is your thing different people like, different aspects of it.

Reid: Well, and just to jump in right like there’s that thing is like, getting somebody to come right like whatever gender.

Cathy: Which is fun.

Reid: Is satisfying..
Cathy: And it’s fun

Reid: To do it right like it’s fun like “aha we did the thing” so what might be useful is to think of that as its own kind of like that’s a particular kind of satisfaction and then what are the other things that are satisfying? Alright when you sit down to a delicious meal is was it satisfying even if you didn’t clear your plate? Or can the dinner only be satisfied…

Cathy: If you lick the plate.

Reid: If the plate is clean. These are ideas to think about because culture gives us horrible role-modeling for how to make sex fun and satisfying. Anything else?

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