There is a fear, especially for bigger folks, that chairs and benches won’t support them. What do you do when that happens?

Cathy Vartuli from shares and experience.

Cathy: So, I’m at Sex Geek Summer Camp. I’m hanging out and it’s the day after we’re chilling. I sat down at the picnic bench and I wanted to lay down because Reid was taking a dunk.

Reid: A dunk, not a damp.

Cathy: A dunk. So, I laid down and the picnic bench, there must have been a bad board. I wanted to show this because I know when I shared my story piece, it’s about sharing the things that you are most afraid of sharing and I think for bigger people there’s a constant fear of breaking chairs or being too heavy for the furniture that’s provided and so I wanted to share that ‘hey, I sat down on the picnic bench and the boards gave way. And it’s actually really comfortable but.. Reid is giggling at the back…

Reid: Well, it’s actually like innovative design.

Cathy: Yeah, somebody should make a chair like I’m very comfortable.

Reid: When I came out of the water I was like you look so comfortable. We can see what probably happened but I just love how comfortable you look.

Cathy: But I wanted to just acknowledge that most bigger people are afraid. I know every time I sit down I’m afraid that the furniture won’t hold me or it will be too tight for me and I’ll be horribly embarrassed. So, I just want to name it, I was afraid of it, it happened, I’m okay.

Reid: And look at you now, just relaxing away with the sound of the brook, the creek girdling in the distance.

Cathy: In this beautiful place.. I have a great view of the sky through the pine trees.

Reid: Thank you for sharing that, Cathy.

Cathy: Yeah.

Reid: Cathy Vartuli live from Sex Geek Summer Camp.

Michael: Like this?

Cathy: Well, I’ll talk to you, too.

Reid: Yeah, there you go.

Cathy: So, hi Michael!

Michael: Hi Cathy!

Cathy: I had such a great time here at camp. You know, one of the things that bigger person, I’ve always watched out for firm places to sit.

Michael: Sure.

Cathy: And I’ve been really impressed how sturdy everything’s been – relief! But I did want to tell you and I think people have trouble talking about this. You know, I’ve been really felt ashamed.

Michael: Sure.

Cathy: When were done, the picnic bench near the water, the far swimming hole, I sat at the middle, I was going to lay down and the seat broke.

Michael: Oh, the picnic bench?

Cathy: Yeah. So, I would just like to let you know so it get fixed.

Michael: Yeah, sure. No problem.

Cathy: And I want to kind of model to people that you can just talk about things and even though as bigger people, we’re often shame for being ‘too heavy’ for the furniture, sometimes, things just break. And it’s okay to talk about it.

Michael: Yeah. You know, picnic tables are something that need maintenance in a regular basis. So, we replace seats all the time.

Cathy: Great!

Michael: It’s just part of what we do. They should be able to hold 600 pounds.

Cathy: Well, I’m not..

Michael: No, no. But the point is they should be able to hold 4 people and even skinny people are going to weigh 600 pounds.

Cathy: If you pile a bunch of..

Michael: So, you know…

Cathy: Thank you.

Michael: Thank you for telling me.

Cathy: Thanks for having such a great environment for people.

Michael: It’s a pleasure to have you.

Cathy: Thank you!

Reid: Where people can find?

Cathy: People can go to to find more about Sex Geek Summer Camp and go to to find out about this retreat center.

Reid: Yehey!